Netflix Picks: Bojack Horseman

This week my Netflix pick is BoJack Horseman. The cartoon stars Will Arnett as the titualar BoJack, a washed up actor from a 90s sitcom titled “Horsin’ Around.” (Think Full House.) The conceit of the show is that it is set in a parallel universe in which anthropomorphic animals live and work side-by-side with humans. My initial impression was that the show wasn’t something in which I would be interested. The first few episodes, while funny, did … Read more

Netflix Picks: Marc Maron – Thinky Pain

Netflix Picks: Marc Maron – Thinky Pain Marc Maron’s first act in his stand-up comedy career was as an associate of Sam Kinnison, one of the more high-octane standups to come out of the comedy boom of the 1980s. He remained on the fringes for most of the 90s, making a splash here and there but never quite cracking the big time. Since getting sober and starting his podcast, WTFcast, which is one of the … Read more

Netflix Pick: Lost Girl

This is going to be a thing. Every week I, Kevin, will be making a pick of the current Netflix catalog and recommending it as the Netflix Pick of the Week. This week my pick is a TV series from north of the border, Lost Girl. The show is set in an unnamed North American city and centers around Bo, a sexy and seductive woman who finds out that she isn’t human at all but … Read more