Mad Men Banana Republic Shopping

Mad Men is finally returning! After waiting impatiently for the last year and a half, the world finally gets to see the lovably real style icons in action. It’s not just about the fashion for me. The writing is truly impeccable and utterly compelling. Since Mad Men seems to be finally boosting their ad budget, I suspect … Read more

Be the Girl on Fire at the Hunger Games

Hunger Games Chic by aprilgolightly featuring a stretch shirt We are reading Hunger Games for my book club and I have not been able to put it down.  Now that the movie has come out, I need to figure out what I am going to wear to watch the film and also to the book … Read more

Rose Gold Accessories

These amazing rose gold Giuseppe Zanotti sandals (similar here by Jimmy Coo and Jean-Michel Cazabat) were a great find from Ruelala. Rose gold accessories go well with spring and spring transition outfits. This outfit is perfect for spring transition as it is a little bit spring, but still keeps you warm when it is cool.   … Read more

4 Ways to Wear an Eyelet Top

Girl Weekend Eyelet Top by aprilgolightly featuring chino shorts How to Wear an Eyelet Mid-Drift Top to a night Out on the town by aprilgolightly featuring clutch handbags Eyelet Mid-Drift Top Worn to Work by aprilgolightly featuring a gold bead necklace How to wear Eyelet Mid-Drift Top Worn on the Weekend by aprilgolightly featuring a … Read more

Saint Patrick’s Day Outfits

My little sister is heading off to New Orleans for Saint Patrick’s Day and she asked for some help deciding what to wear for the big day.  Since everyone will be wearing a green top, I figured it would be fun to put the green on the bottom.  Green bottoms are very wearable and easily … Read more

DIY Inspiration Scarf Outfits

Scarf Outfit DIY Inspiration by aprilgolightly featuring vintage clothing dresses scarves top

Tropical Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Inspiration Hawaiian Garb by aprilgolightly featuring sleeveless tops When are we leaving for the tropics?  Don’t bother forking out the money for a plane ticket this year, just check out the spring 2012 ready to wear runway collections and you will be transported to paradise. Stella McCartney’s palm tree tops make me want to break … Read more

Oscars in the Park

  Oscars in the Park by aprilgolightly featuring green scarves Palm Beach International Film Festival is hosting an Oscar watch party in the park at the Mizner Park Amphitheater.  The dress code requests oscar gowns, but that seems crazy for sitting in the grass.   Instead why not try a maxi dress and wedges.  Don’t forget … Read more

Hats Off to The Artist

    Don’t let the silence stop you from seeing The Artist as it definitely will not stop the film from winning Oscars this upcoming weekend.  The movie was amazing!  I laughed almost as much as I cried. The wardrobe was fantastic and a true portrayal of the way women dressed in the late 1920s. … Read more

Superbowl Party Outfit Ideas

  Superbowl 2012 Patriots Outfits by aprilgolightly featuring a red leather satchel       Superbowl 2012 Outfit Giants by aprilgolightly featuring oversized tote bags   red jeans

Wear White is for Peace in the New Year

White is the most popular color choice for New Year’s Eve in Brazil. If you search google images of Brazil New Years Eve, you will find a plethora of photo showing hundred of people on the beach in white on New Year’s Eve. In the Southern Hemisphere, New Year’s Eve is in the summer. I … Read more

Merry Gucci: Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Gucci works really well during Christmas time as their 2 main colors are red and green. Normally, I despise red and green together, but for some weird reason Gucci makes it work. Gotta love those Italians. The Art of Gifting with GUCCI by aprilgolightly featuring swarovski jewelry

Drape Yourself in Velvet Immediately

George had it right when he said, “I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable!” Now that the holidays are right around the corner and it IS socially acceptable to drape yourself in velvet, I am buying up all of it. In my teens, I acquired a few velvet pieces that have stood … Read more