Mommy and Me SWIMSUITS & Bathing Suits

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Get ready for summer with these super cute Matching Mommy and Me Swimsuits & Bathing Suits that will have everyone oohing and ahhing all season long.

This matching swimwear is perfect if you have a daughter that you love to match. I have been matching with my daughter since birth and we absolutely love it. Read my matching mommy guide here. 

Some of the links contained in this post are are affiliate links. They are added as an afterthought when the brands that we love. It does not cost you any extra money to purchase through these links and really helps me bring you consistent awesome content. 

Amazon Matching Mommy and Me Swimsuits 

The first mommy and me swimwear that I found was on Amazon. They have a few cute matching swimsuits. The only I chose to order comes in several colors and is a two piece. I normally don’t like two piece bathing suits, but these matching bathing suits are high-waisted for both the kids size and women size. (Check out the suits HERE)

We wore the matching suits on our cruise last year and again a bunch this summer. They have held up really well considering the price point is extremely reasonable! They are definitely not cheap swimsuits! 

Mommy and Me Swimsuits

Lilly Pulitzer Mommy and Me Bathing Suits

I have a love for Lilly Pulitzer Mommy and Me Outfits because of the fun colorful prints and their love for matching mommy and me clothing and bathing suits. I bought my first Lilly Pulitzer swimsuits a few years ago and fell in love with the soft and supportiveness. The quality is amazing and worth the price point.

lilly pulitzer bathing suits

I still wear my Lilly swimsuit from 3 years ago. All the Lilly swimwear is UPF 50+ and there are a ton of matching swimsuit options to choose from. They have matching one pieces, rash guards, and bikinis. You can also find matching coverups that are UPF 50+ as well. Shop the matching swimsuits here on Lilly


Lilly Pulitzer Rash guard

Lilly Pulitzer Matching Swimsuit (1)

Old Navy Matching Bathing Suits for Mom and Daughter

I have been buying matching Old Navy Mommy and Me Outfits for the past few years. They make so many different options to match that you can always find something flattering for both you and your kids. A few months ago, I fell in love with this one piece swimsuit for my daughter. It comes in a ton of matching print and is extremely flattering.

I bought this tie front one piece for myself that matches. The tie front swimsuit runs a little short and I would definitely get a tall next time.

I find that the matching bathing suits for mom and daughter always come in a navy color. Old Navy seems to focus on matching navy print. I don’t think it is a coincidence. What do you think?

Old Navy Matching Mommy and Me Swimsuits

You can also get matching outfits to go with your matching family swimsuits at Old Navy. We wore these matching outfits to our trip to Balmoral and Legoland a few months ago. 

Old Navy Matching Family Outfits

Etsy Matching Swimsuits for Mom and Baby 

Every few months, I take a dive into Etsy to see if I can find matching swimsuits from new etsy sellers. I find that etsy is focused on Matching Swimsuits for Mom and Baby because the sizing usually ends at 5T. It makes me sad sometimes because my daughter just crossed over into a 6 and cannot fit in the baby category anymore. 

One of my favorite matching swimsuit store on Etsy is Tony Tots Kids.  They make handmade swimsuits for moms, girls, boys, and even dads. The whole family can match their swimsuits!

My other favorite story is Be JAD collection. The prints are  just so stinking cute. I want all of them, but I do not feel comfortable showing my stomach. If you are confident in your stomach, I would love to see you in a bathing suit from Be JAD. Maybe I can convince then to do a modest April Golightly line of swimsuits! 

Etsy Matching Mommy and Me

Let me know in the comments if you have found other places to get matching mommy and me bathing suits. Also, I would love to know if you find something for you and your family with the help of this post. I love hearing matching mommy success stories and seeing the cuteness. Feel free to email me [email protected].

She In Bathing Suits

I have fallen in love with this site – Shein. They have tons of mommy and me swimsuits!  I have ordered 3 different matching sets and still have not spent as much as 1 swimsuit from a department store. It is crazy awesome! Check out their new swimsuits here.

She In Bathing Suits
She In mommy and me swimsuits

Tie Dye Bating Suit for Mom & Tie Dye Bating Suit for Daughter

More Mommy and Me Outfit Ideas 

If you love these mommy and me swimsuits, you can find more Mommy and Me Outfits from April Golightly by clicking the articles below.

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