Old Navy Mommy and Me Outfits

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One of my favorite places to shop online is at Old Navy! They have a great selection and you cannot beat the prices on Old Navy Mommy and Me Outfits. We have a ton of fun Old Navy Dresses to show you! 


Old Navy Mommy and Me Outfits

They have an amazing selection of matching prints that they come out with every season.I discovered Old Navy mommy and me a few years ago at our local Old Navy store.

As I was walking through the store, I noticed a print that I really liked. Then, as I went to the kids department, I noticed that there was something available for my daughter as well. I did a little happy dance because I LOVE mommy and me clothing.  

The thing about Old Navy mommy and me is that the website is not set up so that you can find pairings that easily I spend a lot of time on the website searching and you still might not get all the pairings that way. I usually dive in about once per week to find the new matching pieces.

They had actually made a page for matching mommy and me, but the page is not an exhaustive list of what is available for matching. I have a reminder on my calendar to look at the Old Navy website to see if there’s anything that they come out with that’s new and matching.

Old Navy Mommy and Me Outfits

Since I’ve been shopping at Old Navy mommy and me selection, I have noticed that they usually have a lot of navy prints in mommy and me. It makes sense because the name of the store is Old “Navy” so they lean into it and find prints with Navy every season.

You can find matching mommy and me prints in a ton of find different options like Old Navy tops, Old Navy pants, Old Navy dresses, and Old Navy accessories like bags and scarves.

There is so much to choose from online. It is hard to find all the options in store. You don’t wanna go crazy like I do and end up with five pieces of clothing in the same print. When I choose my matching, I like to only get one piece for me and one piece for my daughter.

I made an exception recently this summer where there was a red lobster print. In this case, I bought a top for me and a dress for my daughter and a set of matching  bathing suits for both me and my daughter. The print was so stinking cute that I couldn’t help it.

old navy family matching

Since we live in Florida I find myself gravitating more towards the prince during the summer and spring seasons where it’s more focus on palm trees and tropical items. A few summers ago I bought several pieces of clothing in a tropical print for both me and my daughter. But, I regret going a little crazy because it was a little too much and we didn’t end up wearing all of the pieces.

This was back when I had a hard time finding mommy and me clothing so I went a little overboard. I recommend getting one piece in each matching print for you and your family.

Mommy and Me Outfits Old Navy – Mom Options 

Old Navy Mommy and Me Dresses

The Old Navy mother daughter matching dresses are absolutely my favorite. When Old Navy comes out with a print, the usually make it in multiple dress options. They also make plus size dresses for the plus size moms. It is really cool and it makes me happy that the give options for everyone.

Fit and Flare Cami Dresses

The Old Navy fit and flare cami dresses have adjustable spaghetti straps with a smocked-elastic panel at center back. This makes the dress easier to fit for different body types. I really appreciated the that there is not a need for alterations. 

mommy and me old navy outfits

Check out the new print available in the fit and flare cami dresses

old navy mommy and me dresses

old navy mommy and me dresses

V-Neck Flutter Sleeve Dress

If you like this print, but want something with sleeves this print also comes in a waist-defined v-neck flutter sleeve dress for women.

Old Navy Mommy and Me Dresses

Old Navy Mommy and Me Outfits

Pixie Ankle Pant

This white floral print also comes in Pixie Ankle Pants for Women. The pixie pant has a double hook-and-bar closure, with interior button closure and zip fly. They have diagonal pockets in front with decorative faux welt pockets in back.

The pixie pant comes in a mid-rise and high-rise fit. The pockets are pretty cool because the pocket lining holds you in for a slimming effect. The improved stretch keeps its shape for a magical fit. 

Check out the new prints of the Old Navy Pixie Pants here

Mommy and Me Outfits Old Navy – Daughter Options 

You can find matching looks for your girls from baby, toddler to girls! They have a really great selection!

For babies, Old Navy makes one pieces (onesies), body suits, rompers, matching top and bloomer sets,  dresses, and even swimsuits. They have so many great options for families to match their new baby. 

For toddlers, the make cute dresses, shorts, leggings, and even tops. I went a little crazy on this palm tree print when my daughter was a toddler. I bought shorts, a tank top, leggings, and a dress all to match a jumpsuit and shirt that I got for myself. What can I say, I am a sucker for palm trees? 

Old Navy Mommy and Me Outfits

For girls, they make matching dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, bathing suits, and leggings. I have seen it all and it is extremely cute. You can even get mommy and me matching swimsuits

Old Navy Swimsuits

Old Navy Active Matching Outfits 

Recently, Old Navy has started doing matching my mommy and me activewear. For both women and girls, they have leggings and sports bras that match! eeek! 

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