Sight Word Worksheets FREE Printables

Are you looking for Sight Word Worksheets for your kids? Then, you have found the right place to download FREE sight word printables!

Unicorn Printables

April Golightly is focused on Mommy and Me style and bonding. We have all kinds of FREE printable sight word worksheets for kids. The worksheets are also coloring pages that help kids learn their sight words. We have the sight words sheets for every holiday and other fun printables that Disney has given us permission to share.

First let’s talk about what you will need for these printables.  Here are my some of my favorite resources for all these sight word worksheets.

Sight Word Worksheets FREE Printables

These printbales have the word liste below each printable and have common words for kids in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade. Both the dolch sight word and fry list are represented her.

Sight Word Worksheets

Unicorn Sight Word Printable

This unicorn printable is one of our favorites that we work on a lot!

  • do
  • has
  • play
  • of
  • too
  • help
Unicorn Printables

Rocket & Space Coloring Page

  • has
  • where
  • see
  • this
  • does
  • is
Space Coloring Pages

Back to School Sight Word Coloring Page

  • I
  • me
  • the
  • a
  • like
Sight Words Coloring Sheets - Back to School-3

Fall Leaves Coloring Page

  • into
  • would
  • time
  • more
  • may
  • made
fall leaves coloring pages

Thanksgiving Coloring Page

  • may
  • part
  • am
  • now
  • day
  • its
Thanksgiving Coloring Pages - FREE Printables

Penguin Coloring Sheets

  • big
  • small
  • yes
  • work
  • done
  • wait 
Winter Coloring Pages

Stars and Stripes Coloring Sheets

This one works for President’s Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day.

  • the
  • and
  • but
  • where
  • be
  • her
  • some
  • nice
Presidents Day Sight Words

Halloween Coloring Sheets

  • can
  • is
  • to
  • it
Halloween Sight Word Printable (3)

Day of the Dead Coloring Sheets

  • three
  • been
  • nine
  • seven
  • from
  • see 
Day of the dead coloring pages

Christmas Printables Color Sheets

  • get
  • than
  • been
  • who
  • people
  • water 
Christmas Coloring Sheets

Hanukkah  Coloring Sheets

  • eight
  • kind
  • went
  • then
  • why
  • thing 
Hanukkah Coloring Pages

Valentine’s Day Sight Word Coloring Page

  • love
  • hug
  • said
  • away
  • and
  • the
Valentine's Day Sight Word Coloring Worksheets

St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Sheet

  • the
  • and
  • but
  • where
  • be
  • her
  • some
  • nice
st. patrick's day printable

Easter Sight Word Coloring Sheet

  • did
  • not
  • have
  • went
  • then
  • say
Easter Coloring Pages

Earth Day Coloring Sheets – FREE Printable

  • here
  • jump
  • look
  • one
  • run
  • how
Earth Day Free Printable

Mother’s Day Coloring Sheets – FREE Printable

  • funny
  • words
  • little
  • she
  • make
  • with

Father’s Day Coloring Sheet

  • go
  • him
  • that
  • down
  • long
  • many
Kindergarten Sight Word Coloring Sheets - Father's Day

 Flag Coloring Page

  • was
  • or
  • man
  • ran
  • if
  • has
  • day
Kindergarten Sight Word Coloring Sheets

4th of July Coloring Pages 

  • when
  • can
  • first
  • could
4th of July Printable

Disney Coloring Sheets

If you are looking for more coloring sheets, check out these Disney Coloring Sheets.

Moana Coloring Sheets

Sight Word Worksheets FREE Printables


Sight Word Printables worksheets