Free St. Patrick’s Day Sight Words Printable

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Download a free St. Patrick’s Day coloring page for your kids that teaches them sight words. They will have so much fun they won’t even know they are learning!

Here are some more Sight Word Worksheets to help your kids learn their sight words. 

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Your Kids

St. Patrick’s day is a super fun day to celebrate with your kids. And you can do so much more than just wear green. What are some fun ways that you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids?

Some of my favorite ways are:

What is St. Patrick’s Day?

We all know it as that one day where you wear green, experience lots of good luck, and drink green beer. But other than being an Irish holiday, what exactly is St. Patrick’s Day?

According to the History Channel, St. Patrick’s Day is literally a day to celebrate the life of the real St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

In fact, March 17th was the day he died in the 5th century. He is the one credited with bringing Christianity to the people of Ireland. One of the most well-known legends about his life was how he explained the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) to the Irish people using the Shamrock, a 3-leaf clover. Just like there are 3 leaves on the one plant, so the trinity are 3 separate people in one person.

Since around the 9th or 10th century, people have observed the Roman Catholic holiday of St. Patrick on March 17th. But it wasn’t until 1762 that the first parade was held – and the first one ever was actually here in the United States. Yup! On March 17, 1762, Irish soldiers serving in the English army marched through New York city with their traditional music to celebrate their heritage.

What are the symbols associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

On this coloring sheet, you will see common Irish symbols that come from that culture. Here is what they are and why they are associated with Ireland.

  • Shamrock – A shamrock is a young clover, with 3 leaves. It is associated as the national emblem of Ireland and many early paintings show St. Patrick holding one.
  • Rainbow – This grew out of legends. According to Parade, stories in the 5th century developed from Gaelic invaders who said treasure in Ireland could be found at the end of the rainbow – which was a way of saying it couldn’t be found.
  • Pot of Gold – The pot of gold and the leprechauns all came from the same Gaelic stories. The Celtic people used to bury treasures with their dead. But when the Gaelic looked for this treasure, didn’t find any – probably because they were a poor race of people.
  • Leprechaun Hat – The Celtic people the Gaelic invaders saw were shorter, not more than 5 feet tall. The invaders called them “little people” and the word morphed into leprechaun.

What are Sight Words?

Now that you know about St. Patrick’s Day, let’s look at this coloring page itself. It uses repitition to teach your child some common sight words.

What are sight words and why are they important?

Sight words are words that you see so often that instead of sounding them out, they become memorized. Some of the most common sight words include:

  • The
  • And
  • But
  • Where
  • Be
  • Her
  • Some
  • Nice


These coloring pages are very self-explanatory. Each color is matched with a word. Color the words with their corresponding colors.

Sight Words on the Coloring Sheet

To do this worksheet, your child just has to color-by-word. Each word has a color next to it. Just find the word and color it the color on the sheet. Easy peasy!

These are the words you will see on the coloring page:

  • Yes
  • Sit
  • For
  • Big
  • Look
  • How

Print the Free Sight Words Coloring Page Here

Here you go! Print the free coloring page right here. Download it and print more than one. This can be a fun classroom activity or an activity for kids on road trips.


Need more printables? Try out some of these with your kids:

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