Low Carb Cranberry Sauce

Low Carb Keto Cranberry Sauce

Make this Keto Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This low carb cranberry sauce is made in the pressure cooker with fresh cranberries.

Mini Lemon Cheesecake with Granola Crust

Treat yourself to these bright and delicious mini lemon cheesecakes. They are perfectly tart and sweet!  Mini Lemon Cheesecake My favorite thing about cheesecake is the texture. They are both light and creamy with a crumbling crust that melts in your mouth. And the only things better than cheesecakes are mini cheesecakes.  You see, mini … Read more

Whipped Cream

Low Carb Whipped Cream: A Sugar-Free Topping

Dip strawberries or blueberries in this decadent low carb whipped cream. There are just three ingredients and one simple step! Time to break out your mixer and make your own whipped cream at home. You will fall in love and always make your own whipped cream from now on! Store bought will just not do.,  … Read more

Dark Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes Recipe

Indulge in the richest, creamiest, cupcakes you’ve ever made. If you love chocolate, you’ll adore this chocolate Oreo cupcake recipe.  Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes Cupcakes are the perfect dessert. They are so fun to decorate. You can make them as fancy or as simple as you want. You can go all out and make characters out … Read more

Snickers ice cream cake

Patriotic Cake with SNICKERS® Ice Cream Bars Layer

  This post has been sponsored by Mars Wrigley Confectionery. All thoughts and opinions are my own. WOW! It is warming up and we are almost ready for fun summer holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July! This Patriotic Cake with a SNICKERS® Ice Cream Bars Layer is the easiest and yummiest way … Read more

Spring Lemon Ricotta Cookies Recipe

Take your cookie game up a notch with these delicious Lemon Ricotta Cookies. They are perfect for your next brunch or Mother’s Day celebration.  Italian cookies  are my most favorite desserts. I grew up with white boxes with red striped string from the Italian pastry being an amazing treat in my house. Anytime that people … Read more

Macaron Topped Brunch Cake Recipe

If you want a fancy cake that is super easy to make, try this Strawberry & Macaron topped Brunch Cake. It is extremely simple and delicious!

Mint Julep Cupcake Recipe

Easy Mint Julep Cupcake Recipe – instead of making a cocktail this summer – make drink inspired cupcakes for your next party as a dessert

Deep Fried Oreos Recipe

Pancake mix creates a delicious golden-brown fried dough like a funnel cake. We used Birthday Cake Oreos for this deep fried Oreos recipe

Mint Chocolate Cream Cheese Dip

Read on to see how to make my rich mint chocolate cream cheese dip. Learn how to make it Keto-friendly and vegan substitutes too.

Ultimate Mint Oreo Cake Recipe

This is the only mint Oreo cake recipe you will ever need. You will fall in love with the minty chocolateyness of this amazing layer cake. The Ultimate Cake for Oreo Fans Do you love Oreos? Like, really love them? I adore them probably more than I should. This cake celebrates my favorite flavor of … Read more

Rich Fudge Oreo Brownies Dessert Recipe

Rich Chocolate OREO Brownies are thick, fudgy, chewy, and chocolaty with the whole Oreos inside and Oreo crumbles on top. Make them in less than an hour.

Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes Recipe

These delectable Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes made with Fresh from Florida – fresh strawberries, plain yogurt, and cream cheese bite-sized desserts

Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

These Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops are way easier to make than traditional cake pops. After the tutorial, discover some easy DIY gift ideas too.

Amazing French VANILLA Macarons Recipe

Be delighted with these amazing vanilla macarons. The recipe as simple as it can be with these delicate treats. How do you make French macarons? Follow my step-by-step recipe and you’ll have impressive homemade vanilla macrons everyone will love.

Easy Oreo Milkshake – Freakshake Recipe

We have been going through an oreo crazy in my house lately. It all started with the Deep-Fried Oreos and has now come to this amazing Oreo Milkshake recipe. This extreme milkshake is probably the easiest freakshake out there. I made it pretty simply without too much effort. I hate when recipe are too complicated … Read more

M&M Candy Cupcakes – Perfect Party Cupcakes

How do you make the perfect M&M Candy Cupcakes? I loved using a cake mix (with a secret ingredient) and my own homemade chocolate buttercream frosting. The result tastes as amazing as it looks. How to Make M&M Candy Cupcakes Cupcakes are my favorite dessert. They are perfectly portioned and it is so easy to create fun … Read more

Crockpot Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

The best thing about my red velvet hot chocolate is that you can make it in the slower cooker. This recipe makes enough for at least 6 people, with almost no effort at all. Crockpot Red Velvet Hot Chocolate One of my favorite sweet drinks the during winter is hot chocolate. Do you call it hot … Read more