Faux Real: How to Create Stunning Arrangements with Faux Floral

Many people believe real flowers are the only option for achieving a natural and visually appealing floral arrangement. Artificial flowers, or floral arrangements, have become increasingly popular due to their lifelike appearance and long-lasting beauty. Whether you’re an event planner seeking low-maintenance centerpieces or a homeowner aiming to enhance your living space with color and … Read more

Incredibly Awesome Decorating Ideas for Rented Spaces

Living in a rented space can sometimes feel like living in a place that is not your own. The term “rental” in itself often makes us visualize images of beige walls, builder-grade cabinets, and a nagging feeling that your personal style is trapped in a dull-looking box. However, with a little bit of creativity and … Read more

Patio Living Room

Does Your Backyard Need More Privacy?

If you have a backyard, you want to spend as much time there as possible, whether to bask in the summer sun or embrace gardening as a hobby. However, as much as you want to make the most of your garden, you might feel like it lacks the privacy to be yourself and enjoy the … Read more

Everything That Needs to be Replaced Overtime in Your Home

As homeowners, we invest in our homes with the expectation that they will provide comfort, safety, and functionality for years to come. Plus, when it comes to selling your home (if you ever wanted to), everything basically needs to be an investment. Everything needs to be gorgeous, work well, and just overall be optimal. However, … Read more

orchid gift

Revamping Your Home to Appeal to All Five Senses

Transforming your home goes beyond the visual aesthetics but involves engaging all of the senses. Our home should be a truly immersive and enjoyable environment, so it’s important to have a little reminder of how to appeal to all of the five senses when we’re relaxing in our home. From the sounds to the sights … Read more

Decoding the Sounds of Your Home: What They Mean and When to Worry

Home is our haven of peace and serenity; yet sometimes, its sounds may become disturbing. A leaky faucet’s constant drip, creaks in the night or sudden bangs from heating pipes may all be signs. But don’t panic; we have you covered here to provide answers on what may be going on with your home! The … Read more

5 Home Expansions that Boost Your Property Value

Real estate is an investment. When considering making changes to your home, it is vitally important that you understand which home improvements will have the greatest effect on increasing its value. Although renovation projects can be costly, with proper planning and execution they can yield substantial returns on investment. Kitchen Expansion Expanding the kitchen is … Read more

How to Fit Home Renovations Around Your Family Life

Renovating your home is always a big undertaking. When you have a family, especially with young children, it can be even more challenging. Fitting a renovation around your home life definitely isn’t easy. It’s disruptive and can make everyone feel stressed when their usual routines are put off-kilter. It might only last a couple of … Read more

How to Comfortably Navigate Small Home Living with Your Family

For the most part, single-family homes are becoming smaller, a lot smaller. This even goes for newly built ones, such as houses or even apartments. Small living isn’t exactly ideal, but it’s a lot cheaper, you pay less property taxes, and there’s also the aspect of energy efficiency. You could even see small homes as … Read more

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5 Ways to be a Responsible Homeowner

As a homeowner, practicing responsibility to protect your property, finances, and family is important. Being a responsible homeowner goes beyond understanding the basics of home ownership, such as how to pay your mortgage and taxes.  It involves understanding the financial, legal and environmental aspects of owning a home and how to be a steward of … Read more

Beautiful Balcony Vegetable Garden

7 Ways to Create a Beautiful Balcony Vegetable Garden

Do you have a balcony? If so, then you may be interested in creating a balcony vegetable garden. This is an excellent way to make the most of your space and grow your own food. In this blog post, we will discuss some ways that you can create a beautiful balcony vegetable garden. Grow Vertically … Read more

How to Update your Home

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. We have been debating whether we were going to sell our home. Instead of selling, we are working on getting our home to look better.  Here are a few ways that we have added a little spruce to our home without spending a fortune. They … Read more

Cricut Holiday Ornament Tutorial

Cricut Personalized Ornaments

Every year, I like to get ornaments with the year on it for my family. This year, I made Cricut Personalized Ornaments with sparkle holographic vinyl.

The Polaroid Lab – Instant Printer

The Polaroid Lab is a new instant printer that allows you to print images from your smart phone straight onto a Polaroid photo.

Upgrade Kitchen in Style

Upgrade Kitchen in Style

It is time to upgrade your kitchen in Style with these tips. Most of this can be done on your own with DIY spirit. Upgrading your kitchen can be expensive. 

Home Office Organization

10+ HOME Office Organization Ideas

I have been organizing my home office. Today, we are diving into tons home office organization ideas with the Ikea Billy Bookcase and Y-Weave Baskets.

Summer Front Door Decor

This is post is sponsored by Orkin Pest Control. All opinions are my own. We have been doing our best to make our home look better by updating different parts of the house, like the front door, with plants, door mats, and a flowery wreath. Unfortunately, the front door gets bombarded with rain during the … Read more

Boho Chic Living Room

When I started working with Adriana from Day Dream Design, I sent her inspiration room with neutral colors and grey couch. At this point the media room had just recently been converted from a guest bedroom to a media room and had an old couch and was basically a storage room. Adriana turned my sad … Read more

Monitor Your Home When You Travel

How to Monitor Your Home When You Travel – Monitor and control your home from anywhere with the free Ooma Home Security mobile app.