Incredibly Awesome Decorating Ideas for Rented Spaces

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Living in a rented space can sometimes feel like living in a place that is not your own.

The term “rental” in itself often makes us visualize images of beige walls, builder-grade cabinets, and a nagging feeling that your personal style is trapped in a dull-looking box.

However, with a little bit of creativity and simple tips, your rented space can be a perfect house full of style and self-expression.

Let’s explore some creative ways to transform your temporary space into a home that reflects your unique vibe without raising your landlord’s eyebrows or voiding your deposit. 

Use Removable Wallpaper 

Painting the entire apartment might be a no-go, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a beige box. Removable wallpaper or murals can be the perfect solution. These wallpapers come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

It allows you to create an accent wall, revamp a tired closet, or even breathe life into a bland bathroom.

You can also take inspiration for the designs and patterns from any famous interior designer. Just make sure it’s actually removable and won’t leave any pesky residue when you move out. 

Add Textures, Not Just Colors

Speaking of texture, tapestries, throw rugs, and woven baskets can add depth and warmth to your space without permanent alterations.

Layer a chunky knit throw over a neutral sofa, hang a macrame wall hanging, or create a cozy reading nook with a plush rug.

A well-chosen rug can define different areas in your open-plan apartment. These elements add a visual interest and provide a touch of home to your rented space. 

Place Lights Strategically

Harsh overhead lighting is the enemy of cozy vibes. Swap those sterile bulbs for warm white LEDs and layer your lighting with table lamps, floor lamps, and string lights.

Fairy lights draped around a headboard, lanterns on a side table, or sconces flanking a mirror can create an intimate and inviting atmosphere. You can also use dimmer switches to adjust the ambiance. 

Multifunctional and Flexible Furniture

Who says rented furniture has to be boring? Look for pieces that serve multiple purposes, like a futon that doubles as a couch and guest bed or nesting tables that tuck away when not needed.

Ottomans with storage compartments, dressers with removable wallpaper, and even beds with built-in shelves can maximize your space and functionality without sacrificing style. 

Unique Accents

Space saving is another focal point for rented apartments. Your decor should create an aesthetic vibe without eating up too much space.

Create a dramatic center of attention with tapestries, woven blankets, or even a collection of mismatched picture frames hung strategically above your bed.

Additionally, you can create a cinematic experience with a mini projector instead of a bulky TV.

Mount it on the ceiling and project movies onto a blank wall or sheet for a unique entertainment setup.

Accessorize with Intention

Personalize your space with different types of decor accessories. Artwork, plants, books, and other meaningful objects can tell your story and make your rental feel lived-in.

Opt for frames that you can hang or mount with adhesive strips, display your favorite books on open shelves, and curate a collection of plants that grow in low-light conditions, like snake plants.

Less is more, so do not accessorize so much that it feels cluttered. 

Beautiful Balcony Vegetable Garden

Decorate Your Balcony

Extend your living space to the balcony. Maximize limited space and add greenery with a vertical garden.

Use hanging planters, repurpose pallets, or even old picture frames to create a living wall. String lights, comfortable cushions, and a small bistro set can create a charming outdoor space.

Just be mindful of any space restrictions or noise ordinances in your building. 

Your rented space doesn’t have to be magazine-perfect. Inject your personality, experiment with different styles, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

After all, a rented space can still be a home; it just takes a little creativity and a dash of DIY touch.

Moreover, discuss your decorating plans with your landlord and see if they’re open to minor modifications like painting an accent wall with the promise to return it to its original state upon move-out.  

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