Dark Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes Recipe

Indulge in the richest, creamiest, cupcakes you’ve ever made. If you love chocolate, you’ll adore this chocolate Oreo cupcake recipe.  Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes Cupcakes are the perfect dessert. They are so fun to decorate. You can make them as fancy or as simple as you want. You can go all out and make characters out … Read more

Deep Fried Oreos Recipe

Pancake mix creates a delicious golden-brown fried dough like a funnel cake. We used Birthday Cake Oreos for this deep fried Oreos recipe

Ultimate Mint Oreo Cake Recipe

This is the only mint Oreo cake recipe you will ever need. You will fall in love with the minty chocolateyness of this amazing layer cake. The Ultimate Cake for Oreo Fans Do you love Oreos? Like, really love them? I adore them probably more than I should. This cake celebrates my favorite flavor of … Read more

Rich Fudge Oreo Brownies Dessert Recipe

Rich Chocolate OREO Brownies are thick, fudgy, chewy, and chocolaty with the whole Oreos inside and Oreo crumbles on top. Make them in less than an hour.

Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

These Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops are way easier to make than traditional cake pops. After the tutorial, discover some easy DIY gift ideas too.

Easy Oreo Milkshake – Freakshake Recipe

We have been going through an oreo crazy in my house lately. It all started with the Deep-Fried Oreos and has now come to this amazing Oreo Milkshake recipe. This extreme milkshake is probably the easiest freakshake out there. I made it pretty simply without too much effort. I hate when recipe are too complicated … Read more

Oreo Pumpkin Lollipops

Oreo Pumpkin Lollipops made with Halloween oreos with Orange icing and green icing to make jack-o-lantern faces for a Halloween display