Does Your Backyard Need More Privacy?

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If you have a backyard, you want to spend as much time there as possible, whether to bask in the summer sun or embrace gardening as a hobby.

However, as much as you want to make the most of your garden, you might feel like it lacks the privacy to be yourself and enjoy the space. So what can you do? 

The first thing to consider is whether or not your garden genuinely lacks privacy. In doing this, you can then take steps to determine how to make changes. Here are some common privacy complaints from homeowners. 

Security Concerns

You know why safeguarding your backyard is so crucial, especially if you have kids or pets you want to protect. However, a clear garden can make it too easy for people to wander on and access your property whenever they feel like it. This issue can make you feel uncomfortable and can even make you feel unsafe in your home. You don’t want people to feel they can just stroll into your backyard, while any garden furniture might be too exposed, encouraging thieves to pick it up and depart. 

Privacy Panic 

Similarly, you might think that your backyard is not as private as you’d like it. You can see directly into other gardens, and while this isn’t always a huge issue, it can feel like you can’t be yourself or have friends over as often as you’d like. 

The solution could be to install fencing to surround your property and ensure you can relax without feeling too exposed or seen. The fence should be high enough to block out your neighbor’s view, but not too high that it affects the sunlight and creates too much shade. 

Noise Pollution 

Whether you live in Sacramento, CA, or Miami, FL, you know how loud things can get, but a properly protected backyard can dull some noise pollution and make it easier to relax. This benefit is especially true if you live close to a busy area or highway, as it can make it impossible to hear anything over the din of traffic. 

Planting large trees or bushes can help to reduce noise pollution, and it can also insulate your noise from bothering neighbors, which will ensure you don’t get any complaints. 

Too Much Information

Likewise, you may be able to hear too much information from your noisy neighbors next door. Although it can be nice to get to know them, you don’t need to hear everything they talk about. Like noise pollution solutions, trees and bushes can provide a reliable barrier between your garden and theirs, so you hopefully won’t hear anything you’d rather not have heard because there still needs to be boundaries between you and your neighbors. 

No Enjoyment 

Sometimes, gardens lacking proper privacy and security mean you feel nervous or even embarrassed to have fun. You feel like everyone in the neighborhood is judging you and your kids for playing games or splashing around in the pool, which can make you self-conscious. 

The same can apply to inviting friends or family over. You want to have a great time with everyone, but you don’t want to cause too much trouble for your neighbors. This issue is a common sign that your garden lacks adequate privacy, so make changes quickly. 

Dropping Value 

People don’t just look at the best home expansions or locations when considering a property to buy. They want everything to match their vision. However, if your property lacks suitable privacy or security in the backyard, there’s a chance that you won’t get as much as you hoped for. This could throw a spanner in the works as you may not get what you anticipated, which may impact how much you can afford to spend on your new home. 

Personal Space Invasion 

Even if people aren’t in your space, you might still feel like they’re in your space. Perhaps you want a relaxed afternoon with friends or family, but your neighbors are constantly looking over their fence. They might even be hinting they want to come over, too. This is far from okay, but proper backyard measures, like bushes and fences, can prevent this problem. 


Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their garden, but you can’t achieve this if you can see into your neighbor’s yard and they can see into yours. These points should help you take the correct steps to ensure your backyard is more secure to increase privacy and make you and your family feel safer. 

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