Strawberry & Macaron Topped Brunch Cake Recipe

This  Strawberry & Macaron Topped Brunch Cake recipe is sponsored in conjunction with #BrunchWeek. I received product samples from sponsor companies to aid in the creation of the #Brunchweek recipes. All opinions are mine alone. This week I made an amazing new Sunday brunch favorite, Strawberry & Macaron topped Brunch Cake. Brunch is my favorite meal of the week! You get to wear spring dresses and drink champagne! I recently started a Boca Brunch Club … Read more

Ultimate Mint Oreo Cake Recipe

This is the only mint Oreo cake recipe you will ever need. You will fall in love with the minty chocolateyness of this amazing layer cake. The Ultimate Cake for Oreo Fans Do you love Oreos? Like, really love them? I adore them probably more than I should. This cake celebrates my favorite flavor of all time – mint Oreos. It is made entirely from scratch. It has the perfect texture – fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, and … Read more