Free Father’s Day Printable & Activities

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These Father’s Day Printables are a fun activity for kids to do with their Dad over Father’s Day weekend.

Download this free sight words worksheet for your kids to keep them entertained and learning something at the same time. They will LOVE this Free Father’s Day Printable. 

Father's Day Coloring Sheets

Father’s Day Activities With Your Kids

Father’s Day is a super fun day to celebrate with your kids. Here are some Father’s Day activities to do with your kids. 

  • Play Mini Golf.
  • Build a Lego Set 
  • Father’s Day Fishing Cruise 
  • Go to the Movies 
  • Visit a Car Show 
  • Go to a Museum
  • Visit an arcade like the Silver Ball Museum 
  • Bake together -my husband loves baking and this is a great time to work together to create something yummy. 
  • Do activities at Home like this coloring sheet 
  • Play Board Games together. 

fathers day color sheet

What are Sight Words?

These coloring pages use sight words to build on early reading skills. What are sight words and why are they important?

Sight words are words that you see so often that instead of sounding them out, they become memorized. Here are the sight words in this coloring sheet: 

  • Did 
  • Not 
  • Have 
  • Went 
  • Then 
  • Say

How to Use the Coloring Pages

These coloring pages are very self-explanatory. Each color is matched with a word. Color the words with their corresponding colors.

Father’s Day Free Printable 

Here are the Father’s Day Free Printable for you. Print them and save them to your Pinterest board so you can have them for next year too.


Kindergarten Sight Word Coloring Sheets - Father's Day

More Free Coloring Pages

Need more free printables? Try out some of these with your kids:


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