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Are you looking for Sight Word Worksheets for your kids? Then, you have found the right place to download this Rocket & Space Coloring Pages sight word printables! 

Space Coloring Pages

April Golightly is focused on Mommy and Me style and bonding. We have all kinds of FREE printable sight word worksheets for kids. The worksheets are also coloring pages that help kids learn their sight words. We have the sight words sheets for every holiday and other fun printables that Disney has given us permission to share.   

First let’s talk about what you will need for these printables.  Here are my some of my favorite resources for all these sight word worksheets.

Sight Word Worksheets FREE Printables

These Space Coloring Pages printbales have kindergarten sight words that are common words for kids in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade. Both the dolch sight word and fry list are represented here.

Space Coloring Pages

These coloring pages teach your kids to match words and colors. Through repetition, they will learn how to read and spell these sight words. And yes, it is totally FREE! WOOO HOOO! Here are even more free sight word worksheets for more holidays and even more.

Save this for any day that the kids are home from school as a boredom buster, or keep it in a binder for something fun to do at the airport or on road trips.

What are Sight Words?

This unicorn printable use sight words to build on early reading skills. What are sight words and why are they important? Here is the first sight word coloring sheet with the first set of Kindergarten sight words. We also love Scholastic Level A booksLevel BLevel C, and Level D books or starting to get you child reading sight words with really easy sentences. 

Sight words are words that you see so often that instead of sounding them out, they become memorized. Here are the sight words in this coloring sheet: 

  • has 
  • where 
  • see
  • this 
  • does
  • is 

How to Use the Coloring Pages

These coloring pages are very self-explanatory. Each color is matched with a word. Color the words with their corresponding colors.

FREE Space Page

Here is the free rocket and space pictures to color! Download it, print it, and let your little ones have a blast. They won’t even know they are learning something along the way.

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