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Balmoral Florida – Vacation Home Resort hosted us for a visit. I am no under obligation to write this post and am writing it only because I really loved the place and will be returning to stay there as a paying customer.

As a parent of both an adorable dog and daughter, I always want to bring both my babies on vacation with me! If you are a parent to animals and/or people, I know you understand.

It is always a struggle to find trustworthy people to care for your animals. My mom and sister usually watch my dog, but that can’t happen if they come on the trip with us. I was ecstatic when I discovered Balmoral Florida in Central Florida located pretty darn close to Legoland and Disney. Here is what you should expect of Balmoral with a discount that you cannot pass up.

Vacation Home Resort

Balmoral Florida is a Vacation Home Resort with rental homes with kitchens, laundry rooms, pools and lots of space for kids and animals.

Balmoral Florida Resort Pool Area 

Most of the houses at Balmoral have a pool area behind the houses. You can ask to have the pool heated before your stay too! It takes a few days to heat up so… I just wanted to give you a heads up. I did not do it, but wish I had. 🙂

Besides the pool area behind your vacation home, Balmoral also has a resort pool area with a large heated pool with nice water features, a heated hot tub, a play slide area, a splash pad, and two big slides.

The heated pool was amazing because even if it’s in the 80s F in Florida in February, an unheated pool is too cold. Lol Heated pools are a must in the Florida Winter. I know, I know, we are spoiled!

Cabana Rental 

At the pool area, you can rent a cabana for $15 for a half-a-day and $25 for the whole day. It’s totally worth it if you love shade as much as we do. The cabana rental comes with waters on ice and 10% any food or drinks you want! You can choose your cabana rental so that you always have a seat and shaded area as a home base.

Water Slides 

For my daughter who is 5 years old, she really enjoyed the water slides. Balmoral has two large water slides where the kids can play for hours. It definitely entertained her for a while. They also have a water play area with the top bucket that comes down every 15 minutes or so. There are slides for smaller kids there to keep the busy. My daughter split time between the big water slides and the smaller slides.


The arcade and the games are awesome and perfect for keeping kids and parents entertained during the day. We played overside chess and checkers during our stay a few times. We also played Phuse Ball! It was a blast and I came to realize that my 5 year has better hand eye coordination than I do!

OMG the arcade is rockin’ and has tons of games to keep kids entertained. They have a huge pac-man machine, xbox, air hockey, and so much more!

35% off deal

Balmoral Florida is reasonable priced, but you can get 35% off nightly rates in pool homes + a $35 dining credit at the Bar & Grill when booked by March 31, 2019. (Subject to availability, for stays 3 nights of longer up to December 21, 2019. Book for only 20% down and pay the rest 30 days prior to arrival.) 

Book here and use the promo code is APRIL to get the discount!

Sharing is caring!

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