Because Moments inspired by ‘Because’ by Mo Willems

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I was so excited to hear that Mo Willems wrote a new book coming out this year! It’s called ‘Because’ and is just as amazing as his previous books. The story warmed my heart and I loved reading it with my 5 year old!! The ‘Because’ book is available now, and is ideal for children ages 3 to 5 years old.

Because by Mo Willems

Because sometimes it’s the smallest moments that have the biggest impact.

The story of Because starts with a reference to Ludwig Mozart inspiring Franz Schubert to create his music. This trickles into the life of child who is inspired to create her own music.

The story delves into how many people it takes to make a great music production, from the musicians who practice every day to get good enough to be in the orchestra to the workers who check the lights and sweep the floors. The author even goes into the person who created the poster so that tickets can be sold.

Lessons from Because

The lessons in ‘Because’ are plentiful. The first is that it takes a village to make a great show! People often forget that the show is more than just the people on stage.

The second lesson I understood was that exposing your children to different things can help them find their way. Children can be inspired by activities they see and it’s our job to give them lots of ideas.

The third lesson is showing how following your passion can inspire people. The little girl is inspired by her night watching the orchestra so she works hard to learn music and eventually makes music that inspires others.

Because Moments

“Because” moments can come from anywhere. It’s kind of an origin story for life. For example, because I met a food blogger at a couples dinner in 2010, my husband created  the blog April Golightly for me. My husband knew that I loved fashion and created the blog, April Golightly as a place for me to share my fashion advice. It was a way for me to be creative. Because I was unhappy with my chosen career, I left my job as a lawyer to put all my effort into writing and creating for April Golightly.

Choosing my path with April Golightly has changed my life in so many ways. I get to spend more time with my daughter, being creative and having fun with my work. I always love taking pictures and traveling and now I get to do that all the time. I also discovered a passion for cooking along the way and the blogging career fills me up in a way that practicing law never did. I get to happily be a CEO, Creative Director, Marketer, Negotiator, Photographer, Videographer, Writer, Cook, Stylist, Event Planner, Traveler, Wife, and a Mother all at the same time. Your because moment can happen at any time!!

Mo Willems

Inside the cover of the book, there is information on the author, Mo Willems’ “because” moments. It’s very interesting to learn more about him since I have spent so much time reading the Pigeon books to my daughter every night!! This book also features the illustrations of Amber Ren who is a visual development artist for Dreamworks TV and Warner Bros. Animation.

Get a copy of ‘Because’ written by Mo Willems today, here!!! Your kids will love it and it will spark an amazing conversation.

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