The Pigeon Has to Go to School Party

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This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Disney Book Group. All opinions are my own. 

My daughter is done with her first year of school and we are still spending time reading every single day. We make it fun by coming up with creative ways to celebrate new books that come into the house, like The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!, the newest book in the Pigeon series by Mo Willems.. My daughter finds the Pigeon looks so funny because the Pigeon is such a great, engaging character, and his silly antics make her laugh. 

The Pigeon Has to go to school party

New BOOK Party 

I try to make a big deal every time we get a new book so that my daughter is engaged in the reading. She loves to host and have parties so celebrating with a The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! Party seemed like a great idea.

The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!

The Pigeon is about to get SCHOOLED in his new book. Do YOU think he should go? Why does the Pigeon have to go to school? He already knows everything! And what if he doesn’t like it? What if the teacher doesn’t like him? What if he learns TOO MUCH!?! Ask not for whom the school bell rings; it rings for the Pigeon!

The Pigeon HAS to Go to School Party

This Pigeon Party can be perfect for a backyard end of the school year party, a playdate for your friends over the summer, or right before school starts. It is also perfect birthday party for kids who love Mo Willems’ Pigeon books.

Happy Birday

For the Pigeon Party, we have cute Pigeon hats, napkins, and plates. We made these PB & J cupcakes that my daughter loves for parties. If you are not interested in baking, you can pick up cupcakes at your local grocery store and print Pigeon cupcake toppers like I did here

What to Put in Favor Boxes for Birthday Party?

If you have friends over for a party, you can make little Pigeon Favor Box. You can fill them up with all kinds of goodies. 

  • candy 
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • stickers
  • sidewalk chalk
  • small packs of crayons
  • costume jewelry

The Pigeon HAS to Go to School Pencils

To put an extra special touch on the party, I added some quotes from the The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! to pencils using my Cricut machine. The bigger pencils were easier to use since they have more room.

  • Vinyl Sheet 
  • Cricut Printer 
  • Transfer Paper 
  • Weeding Tools 

Cricut Pencils

How to Make The Pigeon HAS to Go to School Pencils?

Read the The Pigeon HAS to Go to School. 

Type quotes from the book.

Here is what I came up with: 

Come On! 

I already know EVERYTHING!

I know almost everything.

Baby-Waybie Pigeon

Add the quotes to the Cricuit design studio and choose your font. Shrink the text down to ½ inch or less. 

Print the quotes. 

Now, you weed away the background vinyl so that the letters are all nice and ready to be applied to the pencils! 

Then, you lay the quotes onto transfer paper. 

Then, peel up the transfer paper and the vinyl design should stick to it. 

Pigeon Pencils

Position your vinyl onto the pencil where there is no writing.

Finally, gently peel away the transfer tape leaving the vinyl on your pencil. 

We used our Pigeon Quote Pencils for these fun activity sheets on the Pigeon Presents website. 

Get the The Pigeon HAS to Go to School here, in stores now!


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