Sight Word Bundle


Sight Word Bundle


BUY THE BUNDLE & SAVE BIG!!! 300+ Coloring Pages and Sight Word Worksheets to help your kids learn while having fun with you! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a teacher to use the amazing tools!

  • ​Learning words without stress
  • ​Step-by-step instructions
  • ​Immediate access ​any device

This Sight Word Bundle gives you the tools and materials to improve your child’s ability to read!

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What’s Included?

More Than 300 Sight Word Worksheets and Reading Coloring Pages For $7.97! 

ABC Coloring Book
1st Grade Sight Word flash Cards
seasonal sight word coloring sheets
Sight Word Holiday Coloring Sheets
Animal Coloring Book
pre-k sight word flash cards
Kindergarten Sight Word Flash Cards
Bonus Fun Sight Word Coloring Sheets

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When my daughter was in pre-k and kindergarten, I wanted to help her with her sight words at home. The school did not provide enough information and I was struggling to find fun ways help her learn. 

I scoured the internet for worksheets and could not find what I needed. Instead of just buying a book she would hate, I taught myself how to make coloring sheets and started to make my own. 

These are the materials that I created to help her have fun learning with me. She LOVES them and I think your kids will too! 

Halloween coloring sheets