10 Moving Tips to Make Moving Easier

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Moving can be a huge hassle, but with these helpful tips and printable will make life much easier. Here are 10 Moving Tips to Make Moving Easier.


Pack Heavy Stuff in Small Boxes

Make your life or your movers life easier by packing your heavy items in small boxes. As a book lover (and hoarder), this is by far my best tip. NO ONE can carry or move a big box of books._MG_8176

Unscew Light Bulbs

Unscrew your light bulbs from your lamps and lighting fixtures before packing them. Shattered light bulbs are no fun to clean up on your first day in a new home.


Tag your Items Extensively

Having moved 14 times in my life, mostly as an adult, I can tell you that tagging and cataloging is the best way to unpack efficiently. I have put together a set of packing labels that should helps you get everything labeled so that both you and the mover can put everything where it is supposed to go.


Here is the PDF version for you to print: moving labels pdf

Pack an Essentials Overnight Bag

You should pack an overnight Essentials Bag filled with everything
that you will need in the first few days of being in your new home.
Here are a few ideas of what to include.

  • Tooth Brush
  • Tooth Paste
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soap
  • Basic Makeup
  • Hair Brush
  • Hair Ties
  • Deodorant
  • Allergies Meds
  • Pain/Headache Reliever
  • Garbage Bags
  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Shower Curtain

Save the enjoinment by Packing with Clothes

Skip the packing peanuts and the bubble wrap in lieu of using your everyday clothes to pack your breakables.

Ziplock Organization

Ziplocks are a great way to stay drawyer and screw organized. When I take thing apart, I keep the screws for piece in a ziplock bag properly labeled with a Sharpie. I use masking tape to tape the ziplock to the backside of the piece of furniture.


Send Out Moving Cards 

Send out moving cards with a services that you can just upload you address book into and that will mail it for you. Tiny Prints has some really cute ones.

Moving Cards

Keep your TV & Internet

Moving can be stressful – packing up all your belongings and getting it all to a new place on time is no easy feat! The typical moving to-do list has at least 56 items…yikes! Luckily, XFINITY’s Movers Edge program is here to make sure setting up your cable, Internet and Voice services in your new home isn’t another task on your list.

All it takes is three simple steps:

1. Check your availability
2. Select your services
3. Schedule an installation

XFINITY even has a website to help figure out if your current service is available at your new address. Simply type it in here and they’ll guide you to next steps! The XFINITY Movers Edge program makes it easy to stay connected to your TV, Internet and Voice service when you move. Schedule an installation on a date of your choice (with a 2-hr window!) and you’ll be up and running in no time.

With Comcast’s new Customer Guarantee™, if a technician fails to arrive for a scheduled. As an XFINITY customer, you’ll also have access to their network of millions of free hotspots, so you’ll never be out of touch. appointment during the 2-hr window or can’t solve routine issues in one visit, you’ll receive a $20 credit ($25 in Illinois).

With all the fall shows coming up, you’ve gotta stay connected to your favorite channels. Between Sunday Night Football, The Voice and Law and Order: SVU, you aren’t going to want to miss a day!


Limited time offer – if you switch to the X1 Entertainment Operating System (the system you all have), you can get an additional $50 Visa Prepaid card.

Donate Instead of Packing

Donate old clothes, books, toys and even furniture. The more you donate the less you actually have to move. Use this time to make a clean slate for yourself.  They will pick it up for you and you can use the receipt to decrease your taxable income! Gotta love doing good and getting tax deductions.


Plastic Wrap 

Make sure to grab a roll of plastic wrap to keep items in their place. There is no need to empty plastic containers or drawers if you can plastic wrap them shut.

Here is more info on the Mover’s Edge Program: 

Movers Edge how-to: http://customer.xfinity.com/help-and-support/account/onlinemoves
Address availability check:http://xfin.tv/1EfCyGz
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