3 Ways to Wear Red Jeans

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My red jeans have been a great purchase. I have been wearing them a ton and actually recently bought a second pair. I especially love wearing them with my red glasses. Blue seems to be my go to color with them, but I think they would go nicely with yellow and coral during the spring and black during the winter.

3 Ways to Wear Red Jeans:

1.  monchromtic red on red

2.  with light blue and blue colored leopard scarf

3. with a light blue top and stripe pumps


Sharing is caring!

4 thoughts on “3 Ways to Wear Red Jeans”

    • Red is more forgiving than some of the colored jeans out there (light pastels for example). You should give them a try from the brand that you get your fave jeans from. I find that to be the best way to get the right fit. 

      I checked out your website! Love it! 


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