4 Big Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

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Fall is finally here! Though it seems like it has taken forever to reach Florida, I can confidently say that with the temperature reaching below 80 degrees, we are finally in our Florida version of the fall season. When it comes to fall fashion, it can be tricky. Since Florida is always so much warmer than the rest of the country during this time of year, I find it hard to get in on all the trends that I see everyone wearing across the country. However, I don’t let that discourage me!

There are plenty of trending fashions for fall that can work just fine for us Florida girls. It just takes a little more creativity and patience! With that said, there are quite a few looks that are trending right now that I just can’t get enough of. Luckily for fellow Floridians, you will definitely be able to find ways to incorporate them into a warm-weather lifestyle. Ready to see which fall trends are the biggest?

1. Chic Sneaks

I have to say I am quite surprised that the athleisure trend has stayed so prominent throughout these past couple years. Not that I’m complaining! The fact that leggings are now acceptable as pants is a total game-changer. Along with the athleisure look has come very stylish sneakers. Even Adidas has stepped up their game and crossed over into the fashion world as seen on Lyst with their super popular Raf Simons collection that has plenty of fresh takes on the classic kicks. Sneakers are now a sartorial must.


2. ’70s Everything

If you are a big fan of the groovy era, you are probably loving the ‘70s comeback that has hit the fashion world. Spanning everything from bell sleeved tops, wide-legged jeans, and retro prints, this fall is all about the ’70s. There are even thick-heeled ankle boots dominating the footwear scene, and they’re surprisingly modern. I think InStyle’s look at ’70s style “then and now” is a very interesting perspective on the inspiration and possible ways to wear the trend!

3. All Choked Up

Another huge trend (in case you haven’t noticed) is the bold statement choker necklace. We first saw chokers making a comeback when ’90s style started to trend and now they’re are having an extreme moment. The bigger, the better right now, and if you can add embellishment, that’s extra points, too. Nylon shows that wearing a thick choker can still look elegant, which is a huge plus for people not into the grungy look.

4. Pointy Shoes

Perhaps one of my favorites, the pointy shoe silhouette has become an ultimate must-have for the classy and stylish woman. Adding a little bit of edge but keeping a true polish about them, pointy-toed flats and kitten heels are fabulous additions to just about any look, especially if you work in an office and your workwear needed an update. See the styles Shoe-Tease rounded up if you need some inspiration.


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