5 Beauty Tips for Transitioning into Summer

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5 Beauty Tips for transitioning into Summer!
With Summer Fast approaching us girls need to prepare ourselves! I don’t know about your ladies, but my Winter Beauty regimens are COMPLETELY different that my Spring/Summer ones! We need to switch up what we use this summer to make it not only a bit more enjoyable for ourselves, but also a lot more enjoyable for our bodies, with these tips you’ll be looking great, but also be helping our your hair and skin to continue to look it’s best!
1. Switch out your foundation for a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer – Foundation is more of a heavy cream you’re putting on your face. The heavier and thicker your makeup is in the summer, chances are the more your skin will be flaring up. Being that Summer is hotter, it causes us to sweat more, so if you have a ton of makeup on as well it’s going to cause clogged pores, resulting in pimples. No one wants to have a skin breakout!
2. Switch to Waterproof –  Who says you can’t still look pretty at the pool or beach?! Waterproof makeup is a great thing, you should definitely switch your mascara and eyeliner to waterproof for summer, once again you’re sweating more which can cause your makeup to run, and a lot of like to spend time in the water for Summer, this way you’ll still be looking good while cooling off this summer.
3. Drop the heat! If you’re going to be in the ocean or pools this summer it is extremely important to keep your hair healthy! Salt Water and chlorine can be damaging and drying for your hair, so you don’t want to be doing a ton of heat styling to your hair, causing more damage. Try picking up some heatless styles this summer, like various kinds of braids (standard, 4/5 strand braid, the fishtail, etc. ), scrunching you hair, or even doing heatless curls using flexi-rods!

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4.  Use SPF – I know this doesn’t SOUND very beauty proof, but trust me this time it is. Now not only do you need SPF on your skin all over your body, but one place a lot of people don’t think of to protect is your lips! Your lips are one of the most sensitive skin areas on your body, so you definitely need to protect them from the sun! Try going with just a chap stick this summer, or if you want to still have the vibrant colors but with the protection try something like a tinted lip gloss, they have a ton of beautiful colors with all the protection!
5. Try Coloring Less – This summer try to refrain from coloring your hair! Take a little lemon juice and spritz it into your hair and spend the day in the sun, you’ll end up with some beautiful sun kissed natural looking highlights! Hair color can be damaging to your hair to begin with, but if you want to keep up a dark color in the Summer you’ll have to do it a lot more often because the sun will cause it to fade much quicker! So maybe if you just stay away from it for the summer, you’ll give you hair a break and you could maybe even switch up your look!

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