5 Different Venues To Have Your Wedding Other Than A Country House Hotel

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5 Different Venues To Have Your Wedding Other Than A Country House Hotel

You have probably got a few weddings to attend this year and they are most likely being held at a hotel or church. Weddings at either of these venues can be lovely, but there are other more unusual options if you are looking for something unique. If you want your wedding to stand out then take a risk and go for a slightly less traditional venue. Choosing your venue is one of the most important decisions you will make and it’s important your chosen venue reflects your style and personality. Instead of having exactly the same wedding as your friends why not consider one of these more unusual wedding venues?



If you don’t want to go for something too unusual then think about having your wedding in a beautiful barn. They have a completely different feel to a hotel and offer something a little different. Stunning countryside barns with wooden beams and rustic decor can be transformed into stunning wedding venues. They also feel cosy and intimate, especially if you are having a winter wedding.


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What better place to get married than in a castle? According to venue finder Wedding Venues “Castle weddings are the ultimate romantic wedding destination” It’s the perfect venue for ladies who want to feel like a princess on their big day. Castles are very impressive buildings and they usually have gorgeous grounds to explore. You will be able to get some amazing wedding pictures and enjoy a grand venue on the biggest day of your life. There are plenty of breathtaking castles to choose from in the UK.

castle wedding

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This one is definitely on the more unusual side, but believe it or not you can get married in a zoo. There are a few zoos where you can hold your wedding in the UK including Edinburgh and Chester zoos. Have a wild wedding to remember and let your guests spend some time in the zoo before or after your wedding. You don’t actually get married inside the zoo with the animals but you will be in an accompanying building next to the grounds such as mansion or manor house.

zoo wedding

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According To event hire hire company Be Event Hire “There is a small handful of lighthouses in the UK that have wedding licenses”. Lighthouses are traditionally very romantic and in picturesque seaside locations. They are perfect if you want a small, intimate wedding because most of them cannot fit many people inside. You can have your ceremony in the lighthouse and then go to a different venue for your reception where you can fit more people.

lighthouse wedding

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Sports Stadium

For major sports fans having a wedding at their favorite sports stadium is a dream come true. Sports venues usually have a fairly large capacity so you won’t be limited on numbers. You can get married at sports venues such as football clubs, cricket clubs and racecourses. If you love sport and want a wedding with a twist then have a look around some of your favorite sports grounds. Many sports grounds have excellent wedding packages with the same high quality catering and service you would expect from any venue.

sports stadium wedding

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