5 Reasons to Watch Baby Daddy

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This past week, I got to spend some time with the cast of Baby Daddy. It is back for it’s 6th season on March 13th. While  I was in L.A, I got to attend a special “baby shower” luncheon where we sat with some the cast from the show including Chelsea Kane (“Riley Perrin”), Derek Theler (“Danny Wheeler”), and Tahj Mowry (“Tucker Dobbs”). Check out Baby Daddy’s premiere on  Monday, March 13th at 8:30/7:30c.

Hilarious Family Comedy

Baby Daddy is such a fun comedy. This season Riley is pregnant. The actors talked about the shooting of the pregnancy scenes and had us cracking up!

Chelsea Kane talked about wearing her baby belly. “I would wear it in rehearsals once it got really big and what Kat, our costume designer and I discussed at the beginning of it. Well, first of all it was a dream, it was an 11week pregnancy. But, you look at Derek, his 6.5 / 6.6, and we wanted to make the joke that Riley is having a giant baby. The last prosthetic belly that we ordered is actually what someone would wear if they were having twins. So, all of my bellies were weighted. The last belly was like fifteen pounds. Which was great, I loved it. I thought I would have a core at the end of it, but it didn’t work out at all, it was kind of a pull on my back. It really changes the way you walk and you could hear me grunting every time I was changing.”


Derek talks about the scene where he has to pick up Chelsea with the pregnancy belly on. “There was the one scene to where I had to pick you up and run you out of a bar. I almost killed us. Because during rehearsal she’s sixty-five pounds and I can just throw her over my shoulder, but when we actually had to shoot it, she had this belly on and it’s basically a backpack full of water. And I don’t know what had happened, I was tired or something. And so, I heaved her up and started running and by the third take, it was like, we’re going down. Like I basically like ran myself into the wall and tried to make sure nobody died. We’re okay.”


Lots of Babies

I don’t know about you, but I just love seeing little babies. Baby Daddy has a ton of them and you can get your baby fix without worrying about changing diapers. Tahj Mowry talks about the babies. “Our little girls just really became such an integral part of the show. They started talking and doing all these things and it’s like we cannot find another baby that does this and says hello or goodbye every time you walk in and out the door. We really fought to keep them. They turned four yesterday and I just feel so close to them and it’s like can’t wait to watch them go to high school and graduate. I love them.”


Celebrate Episode 100

Baby Daddy joins the 100 club this year celebrating their 100 seasons. I hate to jump into a new show without know whether it is going to continue. You get so into it and then it gets cancelled. BOOO! I love that you can grow and feel comfortable falling in love with Baby Daddy characters.


Derek Theler

I am totally crushing on Derek now. OMG he is the cutest and super tall. My husband is 6’2″ so you know I love tall guys. He is super sweet in person and his character on the show is too. We actually ate lunch and played charades with Derek Theler, Tahj Mowry, and Chelsea Kane. It was hilarious and awesome to get to know them better. I was at Derek’s table and loved chatting with and getting real. He is so down to earth and cool. Cute and cool – I can’t wait to watch him this season.



The relationships on the show are so real. I definitely relate to them. Chelsea talked about her relationship with her mother in law on the show.

“I love the relationship with Bonnie and Riley. It’s that great mother-in-law, like she’s so hard on her. And Melissa and I have talked since season one, of really wanting to have that breakthrough, where she’s, the reason she’s so hard on her is because she really loves her. That was something that Melissa and I got to have this year.”

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