5 Ways to Spruce Up your Kitchen Table

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5 Ways to Spruce Up your Kitchen Table

Flowers & a Nice Vase

I have been finding reasonably priced flowers in my local grocery store lately. My husband is not a big flower buyer, so I recently decided to stop waiting for him to buy them for me and decided to buy them for myself. I buy a lot of daisies, sunflowers, and spray roses usually spending about $8 per week on flowers. They make the house look better and make me smile.

As far as vases go, I would look for a vase with a low profile for your table. You want to be able to look over the arrangement while you are eating.


Make your surfaces sparkle!

Use Pledge Multi Surface to make your surfaces sparkle. It’s called multi surface for a reason! It works on ton of surfaces like Laminate, Wood, Stainless, Steel, Granite, and Marble!! Pledge leaves surfaces radiant fighting dullness by gently cleaning and shining without leaving behind any filmy residue. Pledge is pH Balanced! Unlike other cleaners, Pledge is pH- balanced. This means its worry-free formula cleans nearly any surface without clouding up or stripping away the finish.


Also, the Pledge fragrance is awesome! It contains no harsh chemical smells that need to be neutralized or masked. The fragrances simply create a delightful scent experience while you clean.

5 Ways to Spruce Up your Kitchen Table-9287Cloth Napkins

Pick up a few sets of cloth napkins to spruce up your dining. They make me feel like an adult!

IMG_9334Table Runner

You can add some color and protect your table with a table runner. The best thing to do is buy one every season so that your table is festive. If you are really good at planning and looking to save money, you can buy one after the holiday on 70 to 90% off!

5 Ways to Spruce Up your Kitchen Table-9328Stylish Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper should always be on the table. You can upgrade your table by adding a stylish set of salt and pepper shakers.

Now that I have shared 5 Ways to Spruce Up your Kitchen Table, do you have any tips to share?

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Sharing is caring!

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