50 Shades of Grey Halloween DIY

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50 Shades of Grey is the hotest book of the year. I recently read it for my book club and realized it would make a great halloween costume. I started searching for as many shades of gray that I could find online. I found 50 shades of gray using google. To complete the look you have to add some black pumps and Anastasia Steele’s braid.

50 Shades of Gray (the color not Christian Grey):

1.  Jet
2. Ash
3. Platinum
4. Silver
5. Gun metal
6. Metal
7. Heather
8. Battleship grey
9. Charcoal
10. Slate
11. Cadet grey
12. Glaucous
13. Xanadu
14. Dust storm
15. Rose quartz
16. Puce
17. Cinereous
18. Rocket Metallic
19. Taupe
20. Blue-grey
21. Cool gray
22. Grey-blue
23. Iron
24. Davy’s gray
25. Metallic
26. Pewter
27. Gainsboro
28. Timber wolf
29. White smoke
30. Light slate grey
31. Light grey
32. Dim grey
33. Smoke
34. Fog
35. Dark slate grey
36. Dark grey
37. Dolphin Gray
38. Deep Space Sparkle
39. Crystal
40. Storm Gray
41. Golden Nugget
42. Manatee
43. Sonic Silver
44. White Shimmer
45. Gray
46. Alloy
47. Glacier
48. Flint
49. Frost
50. Agate Gray

50 Shades of Grey Costume with all the shades of grey - easy DIY costume with permanent marker

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