9 Reasons to Discover the Palm Beaches

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I was lucky enough to spend some time really experiencing the Palm Beaches recently where Discover the Palm Beaches coordinated complimentary activities for several digital influences. Being a resident for over two years, you would think that I would have time to go to all these places, but I have a small child that makes getting to see everything nearly impossible.

Atlantic Avenue – Delray Beach

There is a ton of amazing places to eat in Downton Delray on or near Atlantic Avenue. It is the hottest street in Delray! We went to 50 Ocean on the Downtowner fancy golf cart shuttle from the Seagate Hotel on Atlantic Avenue. The restaurant is great for dinner and lunch with an amazing view of the water. I had the Surf ‘N’ Turf Taco, Sea Devils (Eggs Stuffed with Salmon Mousse, crispy bacon, and fried Ipswich clams), Ceviche and amazing cocktails.

P1050924 s2

The Sundy House is the perfect place for Brunch and also is an awesome hotel and garden. It is the oldest house in Delray Beach, built in 1902 out of Dade County pine. Delray Beach’s first Mayor, John Sundy built this home for his family and they lived here for nearly 80 years. The Sundy Home served as Delray’s first church, bank and schoolhouse. It is a beautiful location for wedding, brunch and other events like my daughter’s first birthday! We had it there last year.


Around the Sundy House is a one-acre botanical garden. Guests can meander down quiet coral rock paths and discover Savannah-style gazebos and benches hidden among streams and waterfalls. The Cenote is one of the only naturalized, freshwater “living” pools in the country.P1050956

After lunch, we checked out the amazing collection at Cornell Museum of Art & American Culture. The art was unexpectedly amazing. It was ultra modern and they even had art from an episode of Gossip Girls.


Worth Avenue

It is crazy how long I have lived less than 30 minutes drive from Worth Avenue. Upon arriving, I realized I had never been before. I thought I had been to every shopping area in Florida, but I was sooo wrong. Worth Avenue is more than just a shopping area, it is a piece of Florida History and beauty that should not be missed. I have to go back to take photos in the Italian inspired Vias. It was treat getting to see the original Lilly Pulitzer store. See below the pic of the D.Dream Altelier. This is where Lilly Pulitzer had her first Lemonade Stand.


There are so many eating and shopping spots that I want to explore. I definitely need to back to Roberta Roller Rabbit, Emilio Pucci, and Alex and Ani. There are some brands I have never heard of and original stores that only exist on Worth Avenue that I am dying to check out.

Roberta Roller Rabbit Roberta Roller Rabbit

I had an amazing lunch at BICE where I fell in love with their Tuna Tartar. The sliced up cucumber with the tuna is the perfect combination and amount for the best Tuna Tartar I’ve had in quite some time.


Downtown West Palm Beach

Downtown West Palm Beach is the perfect place to shop, eat and have fun. City Place and Clematis is an area filled with great shopping that I adore frequenting. I love the new shop like H&M and Charming Charlie. You can easily walk out of the shopping area with a look under $100! Here is the yield from my last shopping adventure at City Place.

You can explore Downtown West Palm Beach aboard the Cycle Party. It starts in front of this amazing Wine & Cheese Gallery called the Wine Scene.



Northwood Village

Northwood Villages is an up and coming artsy neighborhood that is a must see for its galleries, street art, and amazing food.

We went to Art House 429 with art from William Halliday and checked out the murals on the walls in Northwood Village.

The Gelateria owner is a must meet! He is just the sweetest guy, and boy does he know Gelato! The Lavender was my favorite, and I don’t usually like Lavender in food.


Boca Resort

The Boca Resort is the best location for relaxing and really getting away. You can park your car upon arrival and never leave! They have everything on property that you will need!



We started our day at the Spa with a ritual bath and massage. It is very relaxing and a fun experience that you’ll definitely be telling your friends about. I want one of those bath tubs and the deluge for my house. I would have the most relaxed body in town!

Next, we went to lunch by the pool at Shaka Bar & Grill next to the surf simulator, the Flow Rider. After that, we were picked up by the Hotel Car to bring us out to the Boca Beach Club. I felt super fancy being picked up by a Mazarati. The Beach Club is just as fabulous as the hotel. They have tons of water sports you can do on the beach like water skiing and paddle boarding!

P1060530 P1060535-2 P1060537 P1060553 P1060565

The hotel is just so fabulous! From the beautiful architecture, the amazing service, and the rooms! Wow! Just, Wow!

Amazing Eateries

There are so many amazing places to eat in Palm Beach. Here are some of my favorite spots in Palm Beach.

Max’s Grille, Max’s Harvest, Social House

The Max Group has so many amazingly delicious restaurants in Palm Beach County. They have Max’s Grille in Mizner Park, the new Max’s Harvest, and The Social House. I have eaten at all three places several time, and it is always consistently amazing. I even saw the chef Patrick at the Publix Apron class. I have nothing, but good things to say about their menu choices!


EmKo is a restaurant of art that is a see of amazing pieces from top to bottom. Even the furniture is made by the owner and artist. The building seems to belong in Wynwood but is a treasure in Flamingo Park, West Palm Beach. There is a Coffee Bar and Culinary Studio that have different treats.

P1060333 P1060367-2 P1060351 P1060339

Rebel House

This quirky spot has a ton of amazing foods that you definitely have to try if you are in the area. The burgers at Rebel House are legendary, and the cheeses and pickles are made in house. Instead of bread they serve popcorn.


Alchemist Gastropub & Bar

This is a perfect place to grab dinner in West Palm Beach. The Alchemist Gastropub & Bar’s food, vibe, and service are worth checking out. I am planning on bringing my husband there for dinner. It is so yummy and I think he would be into it!

50 Ocean

The restaurant is great for dinner and lunch with a great water view. had the Surf ‘N’ Turf Taco, Sea Devils (Eggs Stuffed with Salmon Mousse, crispy bacon, and fried Ipswich clams), Ceviche and amazing cocktails.


Spa Experiences

The Boca Resort has an amazing spa with something called a Ritual Bath. It is definitely an experience that you must have! We started our day at the Spa with a ritual bath and massage. It is very relaxing and a fun experience that you’ll definitely be telling your friends about. I want one of those bath tubs and the deluge for my house. I would have the most relaxed body in town!

Antique Shopping

The antique shopping on Antique Row is amazing. There are so many amazing pieces that make me wish I had waited to furnish my house. We started at the Cashmere Buffalo where I found amazing jewelry like this ring and lots of bangles.P1060225 s2


One of my favorites was CASA Modern & Antiques. They have so many pieces that I would love to have in my house. They really know my style as they even had a pillow that matched my dress on a chair that NEEDs to be in my living room or bedroom ASAP.

 P1060266 P1060278

Cote Jardin Antiques is a French fantasy where every is gorgeous. This style amazing and Barara makes it even better.

P1060301 P1060319 P1060327


You must check out the Jupiter Inlet and lighthouse from a Kayak. We went to Blue Line Surf and Paddle Company and then went to Guanabanas across the street afterward. The Blue Line Surf people were all amazing, and the store is super cute. They have a ton of boutique quality picks. Guanabanas was amazing as usual! The salads are amazing!!

P1070180 P1070185 P1070201 P1070233

Help save the Loggerhead Turtles by visiting the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. It is an ocean conservation organization and sea turtle rehabilitation hospital in Juno Beach. It is aptly located to the most densely nested loggerhead turtle nesting beaches in the world.


Now that I have shared these 9 Reasons to Discover the Palm Beaches, what are you most excited about?

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