How to Achieve a Celebrity Look

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How to Achieve a Celebrity Look

Celebrities have it all: beautiful faces and figures, handsome husbands, endless wads of cash, you name it – they’ve got it. Trying to emulate our favorite stars is a big deal for many women, especially with the strong influence that media has upon us. Getting a compliment that compares you to a celebrity can be a huge boost to a woman’s self esteem, so copying their looks and style is often important to the 21st Century woman. If you’re looking for ways to achieve a celebrity look, look no further.

How to Achieve a Celebrity LookPearly Whites

Picture the red carpet and the endless snaps of beautifully straight, bright white smiles from the gorgeous celebrities sashaying up and down it. Everyone in the celebrity limelight has a shocking white smile – and you should too. There are various ways in which you can achieve this look, starting from department store home-kits, to professional whitening treatments – it’s all-dependent upon your budget.

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Radiant Skin

Adapting your diet and lifestyle to get the best possible skin should be right up there on your list of beauty priorities. Okay, we know that celebrities often have teams of makeup artists and professionals trailing around after them to give them that glow – but they have strict regimes that they stick to in order to achieve that nearly perfect base. Visit a dermatologist or perhaps book yourself in for a round of Botox if you’re not happy with the quality of your skin.

Toned Figure

We’ve all spent hours gaping at the amazingly svelte figures of the beauties wandering up and down catwalks and red carpets – but there’s no reason why you can’t dedicate yourself to getting a body like that too! Regular exercise and a healthy diet are all you need to improve your body shape – if you feel like you need a quick fix to help you out; there are plenty of surgery options to slim you out in all the right places.


Dressing to impress is definitely a big deal for celebrities – what a celebrity wears can often bring them a huge amount of publicity. Ensuring that you hone their style into your own can make you more attractive as a whole – and wearing cool clothes can often be a conversation starter! Get inspiration from fashion magazines and online look-books to point you in the right direction. However, always be sure to keep aspects of your own personal style in their too – we don’t want any robots around here.

You can see more styles and celebrity advice at these sites:


Once you have achieved all of the above, we can bet that you’ll be feeling amazing in your own skin – which can only bring us on to our last point: demeanor. If you want to channel that celebrity look, you need to convey that confidence, ethereal glow – you need to act like every street really is a catwalk. Once you start exuding confidence in your day to day life, you will start internalizing those feelings of heightened self esteem, which can only be wonderful for your general well-being.

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