Annie Hall Knows How to Work Menswear

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Annie Hall might not have had the best taste in men, but her menswear look has been emulated since the film’s debut in 1977.  Break out a suit and tie with some tasseled flats.  As a petite gal, I am shying away from the flats and opting for some height with a tasseled heel.  You can pick up a necktie from almost any department store.  If you do not want to invest to much in a tie, hit up your local goodwill to find some used ties for under $5.00.  I also love untied bow ties used as an accessory to throw over a suit or white button down.  I invested in a bow tie from Brooks Brothers last time this trend was getting headlines.  You could go full throttle menswear with an oversized watch, a button down, kackis wide legged slacks, a black vest, spectator flats, and folded hat.  To me, all these items put together in neutral tones is a little too overboard for my liking.  Pick something from the men’s department that flatters your style and work it into your current wardrobe.

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