April Golightly’s Sundries October 2013

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April Golightly's Sundries October 2013

April Golightly recently went under a reorganization of its categories. There were far too many of them and we wanted to refocus the blog. It is still a work in progress, but right now we are aiming to narrow the categories down to fashion, beauty, giveaways, and sundries. April Golightly’s Sundries is a category meant to catch anything that I want to talk about that does not fit into the other 2 main categories of beauty and fashion. They can be on or off the main April Golightly blog. Here are some sundries that we have been working on off the main April Golightly blog:

Mozart Cafe is under new ownership and we tried nearly everything on the menu last month, check out my hubby’s review of Mozart Cafe in Boca Raton, Florida. The desserts were to die for!

Learn how to use Google Drive for Blogging with some tips and tricks from Palm to Park.

Learn more about Tour de Fashion on Examiner.com. I recently started writing for The Examiner in the Women’s Fashion section. Don’t forget to subscribe to my articles!

I have been writing for Our Kids Mom all the time these days! I recently reviewed a baby gate and a pack ‘n play.

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