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Do you ever have issues with your phone that you cannot figure out on your own? I know I have some questions that I cannot find answers to even with my google skills. If I am having these issues with my amazing google-ing skills, then I KNOW I am not alone. For example, my friend just told me about how to screen capture on the iphone by pressing the home button and off button simultaneously. I have been doing that since the iphone 3. It blew my mind that she just figured it out. Also, my sister refuses to go from iphone to a android because she wouldn’t know how to screen capture and other things that she doesn’t have time to learn.


This week I discovered called Asurion Premier Support. This allows you to call to ask questions about phone, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles and speaker issues that you might be having. Asurion’s Premier Support solves everyday problems with expert technical support and advice. When your smartphone isn’t working like it should, or your wireless printer isn’t talking to your laptop, Asurion can help you solve the problem.

With the holidays around the corner, there will be likely be new gadgets under the Christmas Tree. I know that we all want the latest-and-greatest devices! It is important to protect all of those gadgets, devices, and goodies with reliable insurance coverage. Asurion provides just that, but adds additional tech help in the form of Premier Support, a free service for all Asurion customers. With Premier Support, a knowledgeable team of specialists is ready to answer any tech-related questions you may have. From software back-ups to home screen lock-downs, Premier Support can help you through those technological obstacles.

I called Asurion about how to save the photos on my phone so that I can delete them and free up some space for more photos and apps. They told me about the Google Photos app that backs up the photos into my google drive. It is a huge help and now I won’t have to see an error next time I want to take pictures of my beautiful daughter.

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Ask your phone carrier to find out more!

For Verizon customers, grab Total Mobile Protection here
For AT&T customers, the product is called Pro Tech Support here. 
For Sprint customers, the product is called Total Equipment Protection here.
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