Baby Bath Time Video

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As a new parent, I want to capture every moment of my child’s life perfectly so that I can look back at it when she’s older. It is painful to think about her getting older because she is my little girl. Of course, I want her to grow up, but I want to protect her from the world. She is beyond innocent now and I would love to be able to keep it that way. I realize that is not reality, but a mom can dream!

My husband brought up that we should be taking pictures of her everyday because she has been changing so much. I, of course, responded that I am all over it.  I have been taking pictures every day! Even if it is on my iphone, I take about 10 per day. I  have been dying to get the new Nokia Lumia because of the crazy amount of mega pixels going on in that camera. I cannot go for it because I recently bought an iphone 5 and would probably have to pay full price for it. BOOO full price! Instead of getting a new phone, my husband and I have been considering getting a new camera. Instead of buying one with testing it first, we decided to rent one for a week to see if we liked it. After playing with it, we decided the camera was not for us. Check out the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Review. Even though it did not meet the needs that we have, we did shoot an awesome baby bath time video of our little Camilla. Check out the cuteness in this awesome video!

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