Back to School Trends From Megan & Liz Concert

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Last weekend, I went to Megan & Liz concert at Macy’s in Coral Springs. The show was a blast and I felt like I knew Megan & Liz after watching them put on them show and interact with their fans. They are great girls. It is not surprising that the American Rag Cie has made them the face of their brand. While I was at the show, I notice a few back to school trends that I want to incorporate into my wardrobe. I wore some on trend looks to the concert, but the girls at the concert opened my eyes to wearing them in new ways.

Back to School Cool Trends

Here, I am with Megan & Liz. I am wearing all black except for my camo pumps in the hopes of minimizing my recent postpartum body! The three of us are all rocking the layered look with vests and shirts. Yay! 2 trends down! Layering and Camo print! I love Liz’s boots and Megan’s jean vest! Everything that they are wearing is from American Rag Cie.


Back to School Trends From Megan & Liz Concert

  1. Camo Print
  2. Layering
  3. Cross Body Bags
  4. Cropped Tops
  5. Converse Sneakers

Camo Print

I love this Camo jacket and have been looking one for a while now. I have not found the perfect one for me yet, but I love this one! I would not wear it with short-shorts, but I applaud this girl for pulling off her look. Check out the ways I’ve worn camo print!



Check out the layering ! I love vests and shirts worn open. They make dressing so much fun. Check out this layered outfit that I styled with an awesome black tux vest.


Cross Body Bags

As you can see, cross body bags were everywhere! They were worn across the body and on one shoulder long to the knee. I am huge fan of cross body bags as life is so much more fun when you can live with 2 hands!



Cropped Tops

I saw a few cropped tops. Some of the tops were tight like this one and others were the muscle tee type. I like them both, but my favorite part is how the girls were wearing them. They did not show the belly button. Instead, they showed a sliver of skin above the belly button. I want to try this look when my tummy gets smaller again (darn baby weight). Also, notice the converse above and below this paragraph!


Converse Sneakers

Converse sneakers were everywhere! I am breaking mine out and putting some outfits together with them. I love the way this girl wore them with the lace socks. I have seen this in magazines many times and even bought lace socks a few years ago, but have never felt confident that I could style them properly. I am totally sporting this look. Thanks for the inspiration!


 What is your fave back to school trend?

Sharing is caring!

30 thoughts on “Back to School Trends From Megan & Liz Concert”

  1. Being a much older person, I personally could not get away with wearing these trends, unless I wanted everyone to think I had lost my mind, lol, but I do think they are cute, and I have always thought girls looked good with converse tennis shoes. I love the cross body bags! Now that, I could get away with.

  2. i am SO HAPPY converse are back in- i love love love chucks 🙂

    also, i’m sorry but i don’t have a clue who megan and liz are although they look lovely

  3. My oldest daughter loves Converse in fact the only shoes she will wear when not working.. She also loves the camo print. I could never pull off any of these styles.. but I do have teen girls that make these styles work.. My 17 year old has been doing the layered look for years.. I love this post because it is right on the money when it comes to this years trends.

  4. Love the converse sneakers. I still have some old ones in my closet since I could not part with them. I am so glad they are making a comeback because they are comfortable.

  5. We love Converse, too.. they have been in style when I was younger and I’m excited to see the kids are all excited about them again,..LOVE LOVE LOVE the new back to school style.. thanks for sharing

  6. Great pictures! I definitely love camoflage! As Jace from Duck Dynasty says, “If you add camo to anything, it instantly becomes cool!”

  7. I LOVE the cross body bags and I love unique bags. We’ve been looking on etsy a lot finding great bags. I like the shoes too! Good stuff for back to school!


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