Basil Raspberry Cooler

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Spring it’s just around the corner and this basil raspberry cooler it’s the perfect way to celebrate, make a pitcher, pour yourself a drink and get the party started.

After a long and grueling Winter, I can only think of one thing and one thing only. Refreshing, fruity cocktails that remind me of the warm weather.

Sure ciders are awesome and hot chocolates are comforting (and the best drink to curl up in a blanket), but there’s nothing like having a big pitcher of freshly made juice garnished with fresh herbs and served over ice. There just isn’t.

And this basil raspberry cooler has all the things. It can be made in a pitcher, it’s not difficult at all, you can whip it up all yourself, and it’s garnished with fresh basil and served over ice.

It’s refreshing (it’s a cooler after all) while being incredibly flavorful. It quenches the thirst (so it’s a great drink to have after cleaning the house or mowing the lawn), and it’s the ultimate party drink.
Being honest, this is the drink of choice every time this season comes around the corner because it’s honestly so versatile and so crowd favorite that making anything else would be a dumb choice.

What makes it some so good is the addition of basil, it’s an unexpected twist and something that you would not think of when drinking a lemonade but it makes it so much more complex and delicious, and it’s the perfect little companion to the raspberries.

With the raspberries, you can go with either fresh ones or frozen ones, both work just as well. Just make sure that they are flavorful and ripe to get the best basil lemonade cooler.

DSC_0044-6Basil Raspberry Cooler


1 Cup Raspberries

8 Basil leaves

2 Cups Seltzer

2 Tbsps sugar



Fill some rock glasses with ice.

Reserve some raspberries and basil leaves for garnish.

In a jar, muddle the raspberries and basil leaves (save some to garnish).

Pour half the seltzer and the sugar.

Stir well until sugar dissolves.

Strain into the rock glasses and complete with the remaining seltzer.

Serve garnished with the basil leaves and enjoy.


For an alcoholic version add a dash of white rum.


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