Beach Cover Ups as Maternity Tops

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I am one of those women that enjoys having a ton of options when choosing an outfit in the morning. Maternity clothing can be expensive and I really cannot afford to buy as many options as I would like. I figured out a simple way to expand my pregnancy wardrobe using beach cover ups as maternity tops. Keep in mind that I live in Florida and buy at least 2 bathing suits per year with matching cover-ups. Of course, most of the bathing suits are long gone, but I keep the beach cover ups since they don’t get the beaten that the swimsuit gets from the chlorinated and salted water.

coverup-as-maternity-top, Beach Cover Ups as Maternity Tops


I’ve had this particular Becca beach cover up for about 5 years now. If you don’t have a drawer full of cover-ups, Nordstrom has a great selection of cover ups. I have also found some amazing cover ups at T.J. Maxx on the sale rack. The bathing suit that matches this cover up is long gone, but the fabulous cover up remains.


The best part of buying beach cover ups as maternity tops is that you’ll get to wear them after you have the baby! I love the versatility and the continued wear-ability of most cover-ups. It’s winter and I am wearing a beach cover-up!


 What did you wear during pregnancy that was either not maternity or that you wore after you had the baby?

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14 thoughts on “Beach Cover Ups as Maternity Tops”

  1. I wore Old Navy yoga pants at home all the time! They fit during and after pregnancy. I also always felt better wearing leggings of bike shorts under my dresses, but I could never find maternity ones that felt right, so I wore plain old Old Navy or Jansport. I rarely wore nursing bras either, I nursed my boys for years and just wore my regular push ups!

  2. With one late spring baby and two summer babies, I can not believe I never considered doing this. Great idea!

  3. Great idea. Honestly, I just buy regular clothes in an XL because I know I can alter them when I lose the baby weight. I’ve bought myself two maternity tops this pregnancy and that’s probably the only two I’ll buy.

  4. I would have never thought of that as an option! I just bought larger shirts mostly – I’m really petite and had a hard time finding maternity clothes to fit me.


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