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During my interviews with the cast of Beauty and the Beast, I fell in love with the film and all the Beauty and the Beast Gifts! The story of Belle in Beauty and the Beast is beautiful to begin with and the new additions makes it that much better.

Emma Watson was the perfect choice for Belle not only for her performance, but for who she is in life. She is an independent young woman just like Belle is in the film. Emma mentioned in our interview that she fought to give Belle an occupation. In the film, she washes clothes for a living and has used her inventing skills to make it easier so that she has time to read and teach her students. Most of the people and women in her village are illiterate so she like to help out by teaching kids in town how to read.

Emma Watson

Crazy Old Maurice now has a legit back story and is less crazy. He is only crazy because he tells the town about The Beast that has taken his daughter. Also, he is a little odd in comparison to the rest of the town because he is educated and has chosen to educated his daughter. The rest of the town has chosen to keep the women in the town illiterate. The movie reminds you of a time when women were kept in the dark. It makes me want to read even more than I do now (12 books per year).

Every plot hole that my husband brings up from the original is filled in by the new live action version of Beauty and the Beast. It feels good to have the whole story of Belle and her Beast! Beauty and the Beast is now live in theaters. I would love to hear your opinion.

Beauty and the Beast Gifts

There are so many awesome Beauty and the Beast items that have come out for the movie! My daughter and I have been shopping the Beauty and the Beast merchandise for months! Here are some of my favorite items.

Funko POP Mrs. Potts & Chip

This is my daughter’s favorite new toy. She calls Mrs. Potts Mommy and Chip is my daughter. She is so cute about it and recites our conversations between them.

 Funko Pop Mrs. Pots and Chip Combo Toy Set

Kohl’s Beauty and the Beast Collection

Kohl’s has some really cute Beauty and the Beast clothes. I tried a ton of them on and these are by far my favorites.

Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas (1 of 6)

Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas - Kohls clothes (4 of 4) Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas - Kohls clothes (3 of 4) Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas - Kohls clothes (2 of 4) Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas - Kohls clothes (1 of 4)

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer

I am dying to bring in this matching set to my nail place. More pics are coming!

Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas - Books, Nail Polish and Belle Singing Doll (2 of 2)

Belle’s Journal

Belle’s passion for books is fully dramatized in this hardbound Journal with golden bindings, latches, and edging, a tasseled cord bookmark, and illustrated, lined pages on which travels in both real and imaginary worlds can be authored. It is available on Amazon here

Glass Compact Mirror

See the beauty within reflected from this elegant glass compact mirror in golden filigree brushed metal case adorned by faceted gems. Inspired by Disney’s live action film Beauty and the Beast.


Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas - compact mirro 

Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box

The Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box gives little ones an extra-special place to store their treasures. Experience the beauty and enchantment over and over again as the Enchanted Rose opens, closes and lights up as the iconic song, “Beauty and the Beast” is played. A collectible gold “feather” ring is also included for you.


Beauty and the Beast Gift Guide with rose kids jewelry box

Enchanting Melodies Belle Doll

Enjoy the enchanting moments with the Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanting Melodies Belle Doll. Dressed in her movie inspired iconic gold ball gown, the Belle doll sings the “Something There” song from Disney’s live-action movie Beauty and the Beast. With one press of Belle’s stomach, she will sing of her budding love for the Beast in this classic song. Kids will love playing out moments from the movie or imagining their own fairytales with this doll.

Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas - Belle Singing Doll

Reusable Tote Bag

Be our guest and relive the beloved fairytale with this reusable tote. Made from 80% recycled materials, it features images from Disney’s live action retelling of Beauty and the Beast. These are the best way to give gift. I always give my gifts in a reusable tote bag.

Beauty and the Beast Bag

“Beauty and the Beast” Storybook 

The classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast, as retold by Cynthia Rylant. My daughter loves this story!


“Beauty and the Beast” Storybook 

“Belle’s Library” Book 

This is such a lovely book that I just love to open. Contains quotes from Belle’s favorite books, as well as her thoughts and musings. Shows you exactly what’s on Belle’s reading list! Includes drawings and a forward by Disney screenwriter.

Beauty and the Beast Gift Guide with amazing books from Belle's Library Beauty and the Beast Gift Guide with amazing books from Belle's Library Beauty and the Beast Gift Guide

Twinings Tea

The Flavors are all caffeine free so you can drink with your kids. Here are the flavors: Camomile, Honey & Vanilla / Lemon & Ginger / Pure Peppermint / Orange & Cinnamon Spice. You can pair this gift with a cute Beauty and the Beast Tea Set. They come in plastic or super fancy porcelain.

Beauty and the Beast Tea Party Toy Set



Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas - fancy tea set

Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas - glass porcelain tea set

Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas (3 of 3)

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  1. Emma waston is positively one of my most loved character from so many years, we should say that Belle has done an awesome work. I love to see him in the next animated movie. I am wanting to cosplay like Belle this Halloween, have done my almost shopping. I bought beauty and the beast jewelry . it look classy and grab the attention of all viewer, if you are cosplaying her than must buy his earring.


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