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We absolutely love small dog breeds and have been the proud parents of 2 small dogs. As a loving dog mom, I am always looking for the best small breed dog food.

If you have a small breed dog like we do, you know that they think they are bigger than they are. I love the big personality in a small package.

We recently adopted a rescue puppy that we think is a Chiweenie – part Chihuahua and part Dachshund. He is now a huge part of the family. We love him so much!

Part of the reason we chose the Chihuahua and Dachshund mix is that both breeds live a long time. We lost our first dog far too early because of a breed related health condition. It is still really hard to write about.

The wellbeing and health of our little guy is essential. He brings us joy and happiness every single day and we owe him the best dog food we can find.

After lots of research, I found this amazing pet food that I feed my little guy. It is called Wellness CORE RawRev with Wholesome Grains Dog Food.

Wellness CORE RawRev with Wholesome Grains Original Small Breed includes high-quality, delicious ingredients like 100% Raw freeze-dried Turkey. Learn more about Wellness CORE RawRev with Wholesome Grains here.

You can put your dog on the path to improved joint health, better breath, more energy and a shinier coat when you feed them Wellness CORE RawRev.

The Health Benefits of Wellness CORE RawRev with Wholesome Grains:  

  • Powered with Wholesome Grains 
  • High Quality Protein for Energy Needs 
  • Supports whole body health and longevity 
  • Safe, convenient, easy way to incorporate raw into your pet’s diet 
  • Freeze-dried raw pieces (100% meat, with no artificial fillers)
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint support 

Please refer to their website for additional information, full ingredient list, and recommended feeding guidelines. Buy Wellness CORE RawRev with Wholesome Grains here.

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  1. Animals, like people, need to eat right. If the dog has become less active, itches or the coat has become more dull and sheds a lot, then most likely the food should be changed, and special additives should be added to the diet


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