Blank Space Outfit

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Blank Space Outfit
I have been dreaming of doing a 50s inspired photoshoot ever since I saw Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video. It is beautifully done and hilarious at the same time. You have to give the girl credit for being able to make fun of herself.
 Blank Space Outfit -8204 Blank Space Outfit -8199
This dress came in the wrong size from Shabby Apple, but instead of exchanging it for my size, I put my sister in the dress. We really played up what my sister call the Stepford Look. To me, it’s more Mad Men Betty Draper meets Taylor Swift. Shabby Apple has tons of pieces that have this look. That’s why I love their site!
 Blank Space Outfit -8196 Blank Space Outfit -8191 Blank Space Outfit -8181
Most of the pieces in this look are extremely old and from my closet. I found similar pieces if you want to recreate this look.

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  1. I absolutely adore this style! Sign me up! The glasses, bag, dress, shoes, it’s all the perfect mess! I love it.


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