Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

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I am not sure what I was more obsessed with during my wedding preparation, picking the wedding dress or picking the bridesmaid dresses. I knew that I wanted blue bridesmaid dresses from the start, but I could not decide which blue would be best. I started out wanting navy blue, but come to find out that what I think the color navy is actually midnight blue. After months of looking for navy, I realized that navy comes out as almost black in most pictures. I did not really want to have black looking dresses at my wedding.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

blue-brides-maid-dresses, Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

I searched high and low for dresses that could be worn again by my bridesmaids. It was the ultimate styling challenge for me. I went with these ultra marine dresses from Modcloth that look great with the Swarovski emerald necklaces. My sister and I went shoe shopping for a pair that would go will with this outfit. I bought the girls the jewelry and the dress and the girls bought the shoes.

green-and-blue-wedding-colors, Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Modcloth was the perfect place to find unique blue bridesmaid dresses for a fraction of the cost of normal bridesmaid dresses sold at places like David’s Bridal.

Seeking Indie Styles? ModCloth Is the Place for Chic Indie Looks! Free US Shipping on $50+ & Free Returns.

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What colors do you want or did you have at your wedding?

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11 thoughts on “Blue Bridesmaid Dresses”

  1. These dresses are so cute! I love that you picked dresses that the girls can wear after the wedding! I think that is very important when selecting bridesmaid dresses. You want something that the girls can continue to enjoy, even after your special day. 🙂

  2. Pretty dresses! Picking bridesmaid dresses was tough for me too. My MOH is very chesty, and getting a dress that fit her, and still looked good on everyone else, was a big challenge.

  3. How pretty. The color is amazing.

    I went to a wedding once and the bride chose lilac for the dresses then let the bridesmaids all pick whatever style they wanted in that color. It was a neat idea.


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