Boho Chic Living Room

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When I started working with Adriana from Day Dream Design, I sent her inspiration room with neutral colors and grey couch. At this point the media room had just recently been converted from a guest bedroom to a media room and had an old couch and was basically a storage room. Adriana turned my sad media room into a boho chic living room.

With the Marie Kondo mindset, I went through all the stuff in the room and thanked everything before donating it. I also used some empty containers to keep some items in the closet that I am planning on reselling on Poshmark. 

Since the closet was empty, I filled it with the containers of the ‘good stuff’ that will sell well on Poshmark. I’ll share the link once I start selling again. 

I am super excited to share this Boho Chic Living Room with not only because it is beautiful, but because everything is available for purchase online. I find all too often that the cool decor online is not available when I click. Drives me up the wall and back down it. If something sells out and I don’t notice, feel free to email me and I’ll find it. I have mad research skills 🙂 [email protected] – that’s my email and I look at it everyday. 🙂 

Boho Chic Living Room 

Round Coffee Table

Adriana chose this amazing glass black and rose gold round coffee table that I would have never considered. I am totally in LOVE with it! The glass reflects the amazing light fixture that she chose. I adore rose gold jewelry, but I would have never considered it in my home. How silly right?! It looks fantastic!

Rope Pendant Light 

Can you believe this amazing rope pendant light fixture is from Target. It is from the Project 62 collection in collaboration with an interior decorator. They come in white, basket tan, and black and in two sizes. I have the small size and just love the look.

Luckily, I already had a Project 62 light fixture already that ties in perfectly. It is such a great light because you can articulate in so many ways so that the light is not so harsh. I usually direct it at the ceiling on an angle so that I get a nice soft bounced light while I watch TV. Then, if I am trying to read, I make the light more direct by point it downward. I bought two of them for media room originally, but it was just too much light. Instead, I moved the light to my downstairs living room. I was drawn to it in Target because it reminds me of a Restoration Hardware light that costs a small fortune and I wanted the look for less. You can get a similar floor lamp from Target here

Geometric Carpet

My carpet choices have been straight up white and white with the grey x prints. They are everywhere online and looks amazing in my living room. The ones that I have are shag carpet. The thing about the shag carpet is that they need to be cleaned all the time. The carpet that Adriana chose is a low pile and such a fun geometric print. It is meant for a high traffic area. Instead of removing the carpet in the room, you can get a huge carpet to cover it up. Eventually, I would love to have the entire house have tile in it. Get the carpet here.

Tufted Sofa

This couch is seriously so soft and cozy! It is a soft velvety fabric with tuff details that make it feel extremely fancy. I love that it looks fancy, but it is still comfortable. It is also extremely reasonably priced. Check it out here. 

Chic Throw Pillows

The pillows that Adriana brought to style the room are from her own collection. They are extremely soft and have super fun sayings on them related to women’s empowerment and living your best life.

Leather Pouf Ottoman

This leather pouf ottoman is the cuteness and really ties the room together (attempt at The Dude reference). It brings in the neutral colors of the wood wall mural and the ceiling light. Personally, I would have gravitated toward a gold poof, but I don’t think that would have worked as well. I just have been eyeing gold poofs like crazy for the last few years. I need to talk to Adriana about incorporating a gold poof somewhere else in my home. Fingers crossed, there is a place where a gold poof will look good. LOL We might just have to redecorate another space in my home so I can have a gold poof and let it shine.

White Drapes

White drapes with the brown matte hardware really gives the windows a nice chic look. It gives the room a little more texture contrasting the shine rose gold and black glass coffee table. I would have never considering brown and I am so happy with the look that Adriana chose.

Black Door Knobs

To match the matte hardware holding up the drapes, the door knobs were replaced with really cool black ones. We had these old 80s gold chipped knobs that I hate and it was so nice to get them out and really convey the beauty of the new room from the moment you enter. Get the knobs here

Mirror Closet Doors

OK, I know mirror closet doors are sooo 90s, but I am a instagram fan and I need mirrors for closet try-ons. Personally, I am super fan of glass closet doors because they make the space look larger. In general, I love mirrors and have them incorporated into the decor throughout the house. I don’t think I am going to rush out and change all my closet doors to sliding mirror doors, but in this small media room, it really works. Here are the closet doors we have. The look better than the old 90s sets. 

Media Center

The media center and TV are the only items that we kept in the room because they were brand new. It is a modern Ikea Besta living room entertainment center in white gloss. It fits a ton of gaming tools, entertainment goodies, and even a computer. I am a huge fan of the Ikea Besta line and even follow it as a hashtag on instagram. It is so cool seeing all the ways people style their Ikea Besta. I have it in my play area and also in my living room downstairs. Order the Besta here

If you are not into Ikea, but love the look, here is a white media center that looks similar

This post contains affiliate links so that if you buy something, we get a very small commission for turning you on to the items in this media room. It does not cost you anything extra and just helps keep us writing awesome content. Thanks in advance for your support.

Do you love this media room as much as I do? Let me know if you have any questions below or email me directly at [email protected] (That’s me and answer.)

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