Bonefish Stone Crab

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A gift card was provided to help with this review. The food was amazing as always! All opinions are my own! 

My hubby and I had an amazing date night at Bonefish last week. We started the night at the bar with a cocktail, and then moved to a comfy booth. We started the meal with our favorite Bang Bang Shrimp. It is consistently amazing and always gets my husband excited to eat at Bonefish.


For dinner, I ordered the Stone Crab by the pound that was served on a stainless steel bowl of ice with Signature House Made Mustard Sauce. Whoa, this sauce is amazing with the sweet stone crab claws. The crabs were served cracked so that I was able to get the meat out easily.


Stone Crabs are a truly locally sourced delicacy with the season that starts on October 15 to May 15. Did you know that the crab itself is relatively small and rarely eaten? Fishermen remove one of their claws and return the crab to the ocean where it can re-grow its lost limb. Here’s another fun fact: Stone crab claws are tender on their delectable inside, but on the outside, they’re strong enough to break an oyster’s shell!

The prime time to get stone crab claws is right now, at the beginning of the season, when they are at their delicious best. Bonefish Grill restaurants are now offering stone crab claws in all Florida locations, where they are locally sourced.


Crack the claws to reveal the tender, sweet, succulent flavors and pair with Bonefish Grill’s Chef Cliff’s own wine recommendation: a crisp glass of Merryvale “Starmont” Sauvignon Blanc provides a twist of citrus flavors to balance the sweetness of the claw meat or a glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling is both light and zesty which enhance the flavors of the Mustard Sauce as well as the sweet meat within the claw. I really liked the crab with the winter white cosmo!


For more information and to make reservations so you can right to eating these amazing claws, visit

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