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Broward Style blog post was made possible with the support of Couwalla. Thanks for supporting my shopping habit! All opinions are my own. 

This week I had the pleasure of shopping at the Broward Mall with the new coupon app called Couwalla and my resourceful intern and stylist, Marjorie with her own business @PommierFashion.  There were so many cute things at the Broward Mall that it was extremely hard to just visit one store!

Broward Mall Couwalla --3

We started at Love Culture where we found the cute boots for about $20 and the top for $12! I had been seeing these type of buckle booties all over bloggers online. They normally go for a fortune and as a Floridian spending a fortune on boots is a tad bit cray cray!

Love Culture Booties Broward Mall Couwalla -4609

Next, Marjorie and I went to Express. I found an amazing coupon for Express with $15 off $25 on Couwalla. Gotta love a deal!! We were looking for a long necklace and decided to get 2 to layer on top of each other.

Broward Mall Couwalla -4591

Then we hit up one of my favorite stores where an extremely helpful sales associate directed me to new light colored curvy skinny jeans from the LOFT. I actually bought a smaller size than my last pair of LOFT jeans. My cooking and every other day workouts are actually making a difference in my waist line!! WOOO HOOO! They had a deal going on for $25 off all jeans that is still going on!

Camel Booties

Broward Mall Couwalla --4

We toped the look off with some awesome pieces from the Lucky Brand counter at Macy’s. This two tone bracelet and long earrings brings in the boot hardware.

lucky brand jewelry Broward Mall Couwalla -4594 Broward Mall Couwalla -4584Broward Mall Couwalla -4618

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What do you think of my Broward style?

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