Burger Dress

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fall fashion hawaiian burgerfi

BurgerFi has been calling to me for a while now. The outside of the restaurant is so colorful and it always looks busy. Silly reasons to want to try a restaurant, but I was also craving a burger when I made the suggestion. As expected, the restaurant was packed. I had a hard time getting around the tables with my high platforms which was pretty off putting. Next time, I am wearing flats! As I was sitting eating a delicious blue cheese burger and parmesan herb french fries, it struck me that the last time I wore this dress we were trying out another burger joint in Hollywood, Le Tub. Maybe yellow makes me crave burgers?

:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Equipment Hawaiian Dress from Nordstrom

Turtleneck ::

Shoes :: Shoe Dazzle

Jacket ::

 Bag :: Gucci (gift)

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