DIY Modern Christmas Centerpiece

[sugar_slider id=”17″] Christmas décor to me can seem generic to me. So, I decided to make my own decorations.  Surprisingly, no glitter was involved.  I picked up a reindeer figurine from Good Will for $2.00 and decide to make it more modern by using a little paint. Ingredients Figurine Silver Spray Paint Sand Paper Gloves … Read more

Lace Dress from Holiday Party to Weekend Wear

The modest top lace dress is the hottest thing to wear to holiday party this season.  I am huge fan because this dress you can wear it to a holiday event with party shoes and then wear it shopping with some beige motorcycle boots.    SHOP THIS LOOK  The Art of Gifting by aprilgolightly featuring … Read more

Purple Jeans and Denim Button-Down

Today we headed up to Monserrat.  It is a little colder than Barcelona so I decided to do some serious layering.  I am wearing purple jeans with a white stretch long sleeve scoop-neck shirt.  Layered over the white shirt is a button down dark denim from Banana Republic.  For the cold moments, I added a … Read more

Barcelona in a Velvet Jacket and Polka Dot Shorts

Another lovely day in Barca (that is what the Catalan’s call it here) with amazing weather and art by Antoni Gaudi.  Today we saw the Sagrada Familia that is perpetually under construction as it was never finished by Mr. Gaudi.  Apparently, there are been a ton of recent improvements. I would not know about these improvements as … Read more

Gifts Ideas for Me from My Man’s Family

A few days ago, my fiance and I both received emails from his parents asking what the other person wants for Christmas.  It is a genius strategy that cuts down on after-Christmas-returns.  I decided to make my wish list pretty by using Polyvore. Bonus! Polyvore is hosting a contest for these wish lists. Constructing a … Read more

Art Basel Outfit of the Day

We are heading out to Art Basel on Miami Beach today.  I am wearing jeans, grey tank top, navy sweater, and brown booties. I want to be ready for the weather changes and possible varying gallery conditions. Galleries in Miami can range from hot to ice boxes.  Also, I added some fun gold jewelry by … Read more

Thank Goodness It’s Casual Friday

FINALLY!  It ‘s Friday!  Every Friday since I heard Rebecca Black’s Friday song, I sing the catchy chorus with excitement to myself.  It’s Friday, Friday; Gotta get down on Friday; Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend; Friday, Friday.  Forget about the weekend, fashion on weekends is a given. Lately, I have been starved for fashion during the … Read more

Peach Glitter Booties With Leopard Sweatshirt

I have been trying to figure out what else to wear with my glitter booties and decided that leopard was the way to go.  Loving the mix of peach, sea foam green, and purple for a nod to the color blocking trend. Glitter Booties & Leopard by aprilgolightly featuring sheer tops   Miu Miu glitter

Phone Booth Change from Work to Dinner in a Flash

  Fall 2011 Telephone Booth Quick Change Go from Work to Dinner in a Flash by aprilgolightly featuring a chain necklace When I was working for this Italian restaurant during my teens, my boss always complementing my quick change abilities.  He pointed out how I fast I changed out of my work clothes into evening … Read more

Mash-Up of Prints and Power Colors

This fall I have been mixing so many colors together that I would never considered in the past. This is my take on color blocking and mixing some very cool prints today.  I would love to wear this outfit! Mix of Power Colors by aprilgolightly featuring gemstone jewelry Wet Seal wool sweater $27 – Sportmax military … Read more

Annie Hall Knows How to Work Menswear

Annie Hall might not have had the best taste in men, but her menswear look has been emulated since the film’s debut in 1977.  Break out a suit and tie with some tasseled flats.  As a petite gal, I am shying away from the flats and opting for some height with a tasseled heel.  You … Read more

Ebay Reselling–Missoni for Target Experiment

Everyone is venting their frustrations about the ebayers selling Missoni for Target items for double the price of retail, but no one is talking about the original price markup on these iconic goods. I am sure that the cost to make half of the Missoni for Target items is less than a dollar. It is all … Read more

First Rent the Runway Experience

I finally tried out Rent the Runway! I have been on the mailing list for a while, but was apprehensive since I prefer to re-wear my clothing.  I decided to try it out for my engagement photo shoot because I was having a hard time finding a dress locally.  Also, I know that if I … Read more

Missoni for Target

Missoni is coming to Target this Tuesday (9-13-2011) for a limited time. I have been looking for a Missoni item to add to my closet for months and I almost bought a Missoni towel from Gilt a few weeks ago. But, once I heard that Missoni was making a line for Target, I stopped looking and … Read more

Sample Sale-ing Adventure

It’s official!  I have an unhealthy sample sale website addiction.  It combines two of my instinctual drives: sale shopping and competition. The concept is as simple as it is genius.  The website starts by discounting designer items, then it sets a time for the sale to start.  When the clock chimes the bargain hunters swarm … Read more

Style Resolution: Neutralize My Footwear!

  Neutralize your Footwear by aprilgolightly featuring high heel pumps My mother was the type that wanted everything in her wardrobe to match and by proxy I caught her matchy-matchy ways.  The fashion world has changed and the matchy-ness of yesteryear is virtually extinct. My style resolution this year is to embrace the neutral and … Read more

Cream Blush vs. Powder Blush

Both formulations are great! Your choice simply depends on the effect your trying to create, the season, weather or your skin type. Creamy, emollient blushes are absolutely fabulous, especially for older or drier skin types! For these beauty queens, it’s all about moisturizing and hydrating (a topic that I will cover in another article). This … Read more