Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner

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It is time to start being Thankful and decorating for Thanksgiving Dinner. This is a cute and very easy to make Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner that I made with my new DIY/Craft contributor Moka.

Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner

Supplies & Tools

Pine cones (forage for them outside or pick them up at a craft store)
Sheer White Ribbon
Gold Glitter
Spray Glue
Gold screw eye hooks (I picked mine up at Lowe’s)
White Cards
Thanksgiving Colored Fabric Squares (2 kinds that complement each other)
Brown & Beige Felt
Hole Punch
Tacky Glue

Banner Letters Thankful banner


First, spray the pine cones one at a time with spray glue. Then, sprinkle glitter on the cone or roll it in your hand that is filled with glitter. We did both. Let the cones dry as you work on the letters.

Hanging Pinecones

Cut out the felt so that there is more room on the top of the cards and about 1/2 inch around the other sides. Glue the felt onto the cards using felt glue or tacky glue.

Thanksgiving Pine Cones DIY-9524

Thanksgiving Pine Cones DIY-9521

We drew the letters on the fabric free hand and then cut it out. If that does now work for you, you can use this method or use a stencil. Cut out the letters and glue them on to the felt cards. Punch holes in the upper corners of the card to string the ribbon through.

After the pine cones are dry, using pliers, screw the eye hooks into the base of the pine cones.

Hanging Pinecones-9512

You can see the spacing needed to make the Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner in the photograph. It’s about an inch between each letter. We cut little pieces of ribbon to tie with bows the pine cones to the long ribbon that will be holding up the banner.

Thanksgiving Pine Cones DIY-9518 Thanksgiving Pine Cones DIY-9519 Thanksgiving Pine Cones DIY-9527

Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner DIY

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 What do you think of the Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner?

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27 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner”

  1. Oh my goodness, I love, love, love this. So pretty and perfect for fall and Thanksgiving. I am thankful that you shared with us 🙂

  2. This is such a cute idea. I recently collected a bunch of pine cones from a rest stop we stopped at this summer on the way home from vacation. I’ve been waiting on a good reason to use them.


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