How to Wear Lilly Pulitzer

How to Wear Lilly Pulitzer

If you love the colorful Lilly Pulitzer Prints, here is a great guide on how to wear Lilly Pulitzer from everything dresses, shorts, pants, and tops.

A Day in the Life of Miss April Golightly

A Day in the Life of Miss April Golightly A normal day in my life starts with me heading to the gym for a workout at about 6:46 a.m. During that time, my hubby wakes up with my daughter and feeds her. He sometimes makes me coffee when I skip the gym because I am … Read more

Video Learning with

If you are someone who uses video or graphic design programs on a regular basis, or someone who needs to develop cross-disciplinary skills, then you probably have heard of For those of you who haven’t, let me introduce you! has been around for years, since 1995 to be specific and is granddaddy… grand-momma of … Read more

Blog Her Food Miami

Blog Her Food Miami 2014 at cafeteria Wynwood lounge with Carrie of the Huppie Mama and Melissa Lately wearing Karina Dress Ruby in Blush Print

Google Drive for Bloggers – Writing Tools

Google Drive for Bloggers – Writing Tools Google Drive is a fantastic productivity tool for bloggers. It comes free with any Google account, bundled alongside YouTube, Gmail, Google Plus, and a host of other useful sites for running a blog. Google Drive is perfect for bloggers for three reasons: 1. It gives you the power … Read more

April Go Linky 2/24/2014

April-Go-Linky is a link roundup created to help drive traffic to all things beautiful in the blogosphere. I  will be coming up with themes as April Go Linky progresses, but for now, I want to feature the most beautiful stuff on the internet. Feel free to submit your posts that fall into the categories on April Golightly, namely, Fashion, Beauty, DIY, Food, Family, and Entertainment.

April Go Linky.jpg

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