Below the Line: Honoring Sarah Jones


I didn’t know Sarah Jones.

For those of you unfamiliar, Sarah Jones was a young woman whose life was taken in a tragic accident on the set of “Midnight Rider”, a film shooting in the Savannah area. From what I’ve read about her, she was a bright and welcome presence on set, and a friend to many in my circle of film school friends. I’m not going to write about the circumstance that lead to her death, because they are being covered by people with far more insight into the situation than I. No matter the situation, her death is a tragedy.

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Threes! for iOS Review

Hi everyone, Kevin here, April’s husband. Starting with this post I am going to be writing more often for the site, covering, but not limited to technology, film, television, games, and entertainment in general! So with that said, awaayyyyy we go!


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Effie Trinket Costume

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I take it pretty seriously. I started looking for elements of this look several months ago. First I ordered the wig. Then I scowered the earth in search of a worthing suit or dress that had the Capital Style we are all fond of. I found it pinning on Pinterest one … Read more