How to Potty Train a Girl – 4 Potty Training Tips for Girls

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My 2 year old toddler is fully potty trained. I want to share these 4 potty training tips for girls to help you have a stress free potty training experience.

Don’t Push Too Hard

I saw so many people on Facebook and in person stressing about getting their daughter potty trained. I did not push her too hard and let her do it when she was ready. She had no interest in the beginning, but I continue to ask her if she wanted to go and bring her to the bathroom with me. I also cleaned up a lot of pea and poop on the floor. The last time was at a grocery store. My daughter was so upset, but I kept telling her that it will be ok and that we will make it to the bathroom next time. Encouragement and positivity worked for us. We just kept giving her positive reinforcement when she did the right thing and did pee pee in the potty!

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Get Help

Enlist your family and friends (and day care teachers) so that your daughter is encouraged to go in the potty by everyone. I found that the teachers and my mom’s encouragement really pushed her over the edge into being fully potty trained.

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Get Pull Ups & Underwear

Buy Pull Ups and underwear so that your toddler can easily pull them on and off. This also helps them feel wet so that they get a negative result when they wet themselves. We are mostly using underwear now and only pull ups at night. Once they don’t wet themselves overnight for 1 week, I would suggest trying the underwear overnight just in case. Every kid is different, but it worth trying. We still use Pull Ups when we go out for long car rides and long outings.

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My daughter loves all the cartoon options that they make. She is very familiar with all the character available. She loves Doc McStuffins, Cinderella with Palace Pet Pumpkin, Sofia the First with Clover, and Cars with Mater and Lightening McQueen. I put the Pull Ups and Cottenelle Wipes where my toddler can reach them so that she can put them on herself.

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I found the Pull Ups for the best price at Sam’s Club. You can get your Sam’s Club membership here. Get an e-gift card deal when you buy Pull Ups and Cottelle Wipes.

Get Lots of Potties

Buy lots of potties and toilet seats so that your toddler is constantly reminded that going to the bathroom in a toilet is a priority. I bought these green toilets from Ikea that are extremely inexpensive. I bought one for my mom too because we are over there a lot. In each bathroom, there is a potty and toilet seat cover so that she can go. We also have potties in  the living room and playroom just in case she needs to go and doesn’t have time to make it to the bathroom. If your toddler is shy, you can make them this cute tent potty room so that they have their privacy.

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How to Potty Train a Girl Potty Training Toilet

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