Mommy and Me Swimsuits

Matching Mommy and Me Swimsuits & Bathing Suits

Get ready for summer with these super cute Matching Mommy and Me Swimsuits & Bathing Suits that will have everyone oohing and ahhing all season long. This matching swimwear is perfect if you have a daughter that you love to match. I have been matching with my daughter since birth and we absolutely love it. Read my matching mommy guide here.  Some of the links contained in this post are are affiliate links. They are … Read more

7 Top Summer Dresses – 2019

YAY! Summer is officially here! The kids are out of school and I am wearing my Top Summer Dresses with confidence. I am a huge fan of wearing dresses in the summer because it make getting dressed so simple. You don’t have to worry about matching, your dress makes the statement!  Some of the links contained in this post are are affiliate links. They are added as an afterthought when the brands that we love … Read more

8 Stylish Casual Summer Outfits – 2019

Summer is nearly here and it already feels like summer here in South Florida (high 80 degree weather most days). These casual summer outfits are essential to your comfort over the course of the summer season. Support AGL by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. Thank you, we appreciate it!  Casual Summer Outfits … Read more

5 Stylish Saint Patrick’s Day Outfits

Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner and I found some awesome Saint Patrick’s Day outfits. I found some really fun St. Patty’s Day pieces with green and four leaf clovers. Here are my favorite St. Patrick’s Day outfits. St. Patrick’s Day Outfits I am very into subtle leggings like these four leaf clovers. I would size up on these leggings. Order them from Amazon here. The lucky top is a super soft top that … Read more

20 Red Bag Outfit Ideas

Last year, I purchased this amazing red bag, but it sat in my closet unused!! Tragic…right?! I made it my mission to put together red bag outfit ideas to help me use my red handbag everyday! Here are all the looks that I have put together to go with my red handbag. {MORE PICTURES COMING SOON} Red Handbags Let’s start with some awesome red handbags! Here are some of my favorites!! Chloe Nile Bag The … Read more