DIY Belt

DIY Belt from Beauty and Beast Premiere

Beauty and Beast Premiere Outfit DIY Belt with the gold rose brooch belt black jumpsuit and Interview with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens

Cleaning Up Pet’s Messes

Cleaning Up Pet’s Messes with Skout’s Honor – they are natural, non-toxic, plant-derived, earth-friendly, biodegradable, cruelty-free, safe for pets & kids

Easter Egg Bath Bombs Tutorial

Easter Egg Bath Bombs Tutorial – fun gift for adults and kids who love baths – add them to your Easter Basket this year.

Valentine’s Day Cards Printables

Valentine’s Day Cards Printables showing kids love of strawberries and to be attached to a crate of strawberry to bring into the classroom for kids at school

Winter Daytime Makeup Tips

Winter is a time to break out boots, sweaters, and hats! It is also a time to change up your daytime makeup routine. Check out these awesome Winter Daytime Makeup Tips!

Winter Daytime Makeup Tips

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Wall Collage Ideas

Wall Collage Ideas with custom fine art pieces and photography of my daughter with living room suggestions and decorating ideas from a mom

Personalized Pen Pouch DIY

Personalized Pen Pouch DIY – for Pilot G2 Gel Ink Pens in colors so that you can color Adult coloring books for the holiday – gifts to open on Christmas Eve

DIY Garland for Christmas

DIY Garland for Christmas made out of stars and snowflakes using felt, glitter papers and printables ideas for the mantel

Football Party Candy Table

Football Party Candle Table for your sweet tooth and football loving guests and your next tailgate party

DIY Face Masks

3 DIY face masks DIY tutorial for one mask acne and oily, the second for mature skin & dry, and the third for sensitive and soothing

How to Spot Clean Quickly

How to Spot Clean Quickly with Woolite Insta Clean Pet Stain Remover help get rid of pet stains & tough stains with the help of Oxy Clean Stain Destroyer

The Book of Life Party Flower Headbands

Have you seen the Book of Life?! It is one of my most favorite movies that my daughter also loves! The story, animation, and music make it a pleasure to watch with her! She was ecstatic when I told her we would be making Book of Life Flower Headbands for a craft and movie night! As … Read more

How to Take a Break DIY

How to Take a Break DIY – Cricut Vinyl Printable using printable for the glass so that you can be reminded to take a break when you are working too hard

Cough and Cold Season – How to Combat the Creeping Crud

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.  Cough and cold season has finally arrived! Yay! Not really… Yes, it’s that time of year again when my daughter brings home every possible germ from school, and both my husband and I immediately get it. For real. Every little bug becomes the plague. That’s … Read more

Organizing Tips for Calendar

Organizing Tips for Calendar – planner color coding system with boxes that help you see how far along you are in the process

Adult Coloring Party with Printable

Adult Coloring Party with Free Printables for grownups with event plan with e Mandalas, sacred symbols, animals pets, aquatic ocean scenes, secret gardens

First Aid Kit

DIY First Aid Kit starting with an all purpose kit and bag from CVS Health with extra bandages, first aid spray, antacids and pain relievers